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Stupid/Awesome By Turns

Because I can't stay away from Glee recaps, even though allowing this amount of "canon knowledge" into my brain is almost defeating the purpose of not watching it, I have a comment on this week's Klaine, or more specifically Blaine:

Where did I put that Rachel Green .gif where she quotes her mom saying "Once a cheater"?

a.k.a.I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS SHOW CONTINUALLY MAKES THEIR RELATIONSHIP WORSE, but as gross as Karofsky is, good OTPs do not get back together by cheating on their current SOs unless that SO is abusive. What other offensive things could go down at this point before they get back together? Let's brainstorm. Is Sue threatening to release a sex tape from a time they decided to roleplay 50 Shades of Grey? Will we find out Blaine married Karofsky at some point, knowingly or not, and now we have to unravel that legal detail in order to move forward? At this point I would not put it past Ryan Murphy to have one of them turn out to have accidentally fathered a child in a moment of drunken misery.

That's it, I'm making a brand new tag specifically for season 6. And if you've paid attention to my journal at all, you've noticed that my tags are generally Srs Bsns and for businesslike organizational purposes only, so a superfluous snarky fandom tag means it's really gotten under my skin.

In less rageful news, I guess Samchel is semi-continuing? For a bit? I'm real hazy on the details and aim to keep it that way so I still have hope. However, you are allowed to spoil me with positive news on that front.

The Mindy Project, 3x13, San Francisco Bae
Oh my word, Lee Pace was every dreamy thing I dreamed he'd be and more. His rich, smooth, delightful voice is part of it (please voice over all the things), but also, that tiny scene of his moon-eyed self gazing up at her flooded my heart with emotions not felt since Pushing Daisies. I don't know WHY this show would introduce the idea that if she'd just checked the right email account, she could have been with him instead of the entire series we've had to date, because OBVIOUSLY that world is the better one. He's just so charming. No one before or since can possibly match Alex's level of charm.

Even the reveal of his girlfriend/willingness to cheat on said girlfriend at the end was only the most minor of footnotes to me, easily handwaved with "pffft, I bet they've only been together like a month and he never committed to being exclusive because SECRETLY he has pined for Mindy for the last decade and would be wholly content with her."

I mean, I'm glad you threw it in to take the edge off my hatred that she is staying with Danny, but I'm still going to need a little while to process the painful reality of that outcome. I don't care what actor-contract logistics you have to work around; there is no universe where staying with Danny is a better option than dropping everything to run after Alex. She broke an engagement. I think Danny is a little less significant than that. (#justice for Pastor Casey #even though I reluctantly admitted that was the right thing to do at the time)

Also, 2004 Mindy's outfit was THE BEST, and I love that Kaling brought over the late-bloomer virginity character trait from her own life.  I also like that Mindy's idea of anonymity made his site what it is today. I also laughed at her interrupting her own story to pounce on the appetizers and gobble them up in 90 seconds, and her getting "Gurgled." That's what you get for assuming someone sobbing behind closed doors in the dorm is a fellow woman instead of a pantless Dr. G.

In B Plot land, the three stooges of spying and email surveillance were pretty dumb, but I was a big fan of Peter randomly kissing Lauren. You know me and unexpected declarative hallway kisses. Supporting them since the great Ted/Zoey connection of 2011.

Grade: A- on the pure strength of Lee Pace's face.

On that note, I think I might start giving grades to episodes like most of the rest of the world does. Ever since I stopped doing State of the Networks, a.k.a. when I started getting too behind on everything to be able to post the majority of the season grades at the same time, I've missed being able to analyze my viewing data. It'd be fun if I could give a semi-objective grade at the end of every season. Hopefully I won't start feeling too pressured like I sometimes do with Goodreads stars, wondering if I'm skewing too high or low.
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