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I skipped my walk yesterday and devoted most of my waking hours to watching Red Band Society, mostly out of stubbornness, because I'm finding it to be the most frustrating show. I don't know if it's because it's not that great (just heard it's officially canceled), or because I'm just really bad at watching non-procedural dramas, but every episode feels twice as long as it is. I want so much to care about these kids, and I just...don't.

I'm pretty much only in it for Snarky/Heart of Gold Nurse Jackson, unexpectedly delightful Sunny Junior Nurse Brittany -- who falls into that rare sweet spot of technically not being a teenager, but being so much younger than her colleagues that she can slide between both worlds of peers, and also generally talks like she's on Glee -- and a recent if reluctant agreement that Dr. McAndrews does indeed have a bit of a George Clooney attraction going on, but fitter and therefore more handsome.

The Hospital Hobo pretty much disappeared after episode 2, thankfully, but Stereotype Trash (now with extra graffiti!) continues to bore me, my initial enchantment with Kara has faded into "meh" for reasons I can't explain, and they've recently brought in Amys' baby daddy from Secret Life of the American Teenager to play the same smug jerk-o-hol he was on that show.

Most frustrating of all, Jordy is the only kid I love and yet I'm suffering through another Jake/Marley/Ryder triangle, with the same fruitless results and zero kisses thus far to get me through it. (I have to believe I'll get one before the series ends, it's the only thing keeping me going)

I just do NOT get Emma's obsession with Eyebrows. Even when he has hair, he doesn't stand out as attractive to me. His personality is dull. He also doesn't strike me as an Alpha Popular the way Emma keeps describing him as an excuse not to date him, either (since when does "soccer star" command the same respect in high school as sports with cheerleaders?).

tl;dr Jordy has the most wonderfully winsome face and sob story about being abandoned; please give me more focus on it.

I'm trying very hard to love Emma, because I can relate to her anxiety about eating in public (esp. an intimate setting with strangers you're expected to get to know), and also completely understand why the validation of being complimented on how skinny you are would be enough to renew your determination to stay that way regardless of health issues, but the love triangle is suffocating her. Just like Marley. And she's not even as strong an individual as Marley was.

Tags: red band society, tv commentary

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