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Today I took a 6 mile walk (p.s. never again, especially because I came home so tired and ravenous that I probably ate as many extra calories as I burned), flopped down to watch TV for two hours, and considered going to bed but found I had just enough energy (and plenty of hours left in the evening) to channel it into processing other TV via writing. I feel so unbelievably satisfied right now.

And what have I decided to process? Sleepy Hollow. I FINALLY tackled episode 7 last night because before I started on my Red Band binge, I was super-frustrated by my lack of easily-marathoned shows and figured I might as well try to unblock this one. I devoted 4 hours and finished my epic review. I'll link you with my cut text, a.k.a. explanation for why it's my favorite: Literally everything I ever want a couple to do and be put through happens in this episode. Which means I can move on to:

2x08, Heartless
Ah yes, the infamous scene of my Fandom Battles. I spent most of this episode trying not to see anything that might indicate that the Ichabbie shippers have anything to validate them, and fortunately all I remember about the succubus is that our Madame of the Night's hair stayed long and wavy while she pursued him, so that is my final word on the subject. Her other major credit is busting up a few ribs on Hawley, for which of course we had Abbie on hand to tape him up. WHAT'S THAT? IS IT MORE OF MY FAVORITE TROPE? Hell yes it is! Bring me all the amateur nursing.

Especially if it comes attached to friendly 1-sided hate-smirking. "It's not every day a girl just gives you her heart." / "Yeah. Might have to punch you in the throat now." How are y'all not shipping this.

In more positive and Ichatrina-themed news: I'm still reeling from all the scenes in 2x07, so I nearly perished of joy when TPTB gave us the teaser scene early as a sneak peek. Even though fandom tried super hard to ruin it for me, seeing them cuddled up in bed and watching TV, with the bonus knowledge that they've had nearly a WEEK to recuperate and just relish in being together again? Let me show you what I wrote for the Deluxe Transcripts at the end of the previous episode:

Then he frets about the apocalypse and how many more times they can evade her capture from the army of men and demons literally hell-bent on stealing her. Fortunately, Abbie manages to convince him to just take it one day at a time, and today is a win. Oh god, please just let them have one day.

One day, and more.

I'm going to take their conversation on love at face value: half couples arguing adorably over reality shows, and half to underline her wonderfully light spirit and idealistic view of love: love is a gift!

And then there was this OTHER beautiful quote and exchange of expressions: Nearly losing you to Moloch was very real. And now our reunion is a reality of such exquisite beauty.

As for the rest of this scene, I love that they are having an honest conversation about how you can technically forgive someone but still need to time to get over your hurt feelings and transition back into honest trust. I maintain that how you feel when face with someone's death is the truest measure of your feelings, because if no longer want to be with someone, you shouldn't feel that bothered whether they disappear because they moved away or because they died. (that could just be me. I'm real chill about death)

Did I mention the forehead kiss + lean?

(side note: her curious "Is there more television of reality?" query to Abbie is THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD ANYONE SAY.)

And then there's the EVEN BETTER part later where she starts having nightmares and he's there to soothe her and anxiously feel her forehead. While also saying things about how regardless of harboring the bringer of the apocalypse rather than an actual baby, "your mind is grappling with what you lost," where you're just like akldfjaskldjfakl;sdjfklasdf look at what could have been their real life.

it's like this episode is decided to capture all the stray threads of romantic things they couldn't quiiiite fit into last episode, just to make sure I got them all.

I also super loved him shutting down another developing catfight between Katrina starting to go on about saving Henry and Abbie being all "OMG NOT THIS STUPIDITY AGAIN." It's kind of like watching the fandom's respective backers of the two while Crane plays the role of TPTB. (spoiler alert: Crane is more successful at mediation)

Last and least: oh lord, Katrina. Were there not enough evil people in your time to play the "would you kill [insert dictator here] if you could go back in time and found them as a baby/child"?

For the record, the doomy-sounding way Ichabod was talking in the last scene, after giving me false hope with his acknowledgement that Katrina is a super-accomplished spy in addition to being his wife, in connection with VERY vocal social media trying to get Katrina killed off and/or made evil ASAP was what caused me to flounce from the series before my heart could be broken. If she'd been in the previews, I might not have had the willpower to leave, but seeing only Mills, Mills, nothing but Mills, provided a nice clean "eh, bye" severing point.

I might still come back at some point to try and get up to midseason finale time, but it'll be a long time coming.

Since fandom DID do such a thorough job of whining about this episode, and every post in the Sleepy Hollow tag after this episode was full of the same complaints, I have prepared some rebuttals against the major points I saw happening over and over. Just let me get them out of my system, since I chickened out of actually posting this to Tumblr. I already did a sight more research than I feel comfortable with, and I don't like arguing my case when I write about TV. There's a reason I'm not a lawyer and was never on debate team: defending your opinions with evidence and reason is a joyless suck.

"Why were they watching TV fully clothed instead of screwing like bunnies/implying as much??"

Answer: Because he mentions it's been almost a week since she was rescued. I'm guessing they have not been quietly celibate that entire time. Are they supposed to be doing it 24/7 when not sleeping? As this episode makes clear, she's not fully recovered, strength-wise, from that whole harboring-a-demon-in-her-womb thing, which was pretty painful and might sap your endurance a tad.

Furthermore, there are many types of intimacy. Setting aside my own personal preference for clothed cuddling over sex (TV is a bonus!), and any mentions of asexuality (there being no indication either is), quiet time side by side hardly says "lack of romance" to me, it says "interlude." Scenes have to have a purpose to the people writing them. Sex was not relevant to what this writer had planned with the quippy commentaries on love. They used it effectively last week to create a callback; this week they did something else.

Like, of all the weird reactions to the episode this one struck me as by far the most irrational complaint.

"She ran straight back to Headless!"
Y'all, I watched Chuck. Only for the last season, but enough to know that sometimes your job -- the mission -- demands that you make sacrifices that hurt you, hurt your partner, hurt the relationship, on nothing more than faith that it will be worth it in the end. See also: anyone in an LDR or couple with frequent business travel because of career choices.

"She didn't even tell him herself that she was leaving!"
Did you literally not hear her say how she cannot bear to leave him again, a.k.a. it's way harder to leave when he's right there asking you not to; also, refer to the above point.

"She blabbed nonstop about how ~ABRAHAM~ got her tea!" (Usually followed by some variaton on "ungrateful bitch.")
One, stockholm syndrome; two, life as a captive is pretty boring. There's not much going on. Of course you're going to remember things that made it bearable. Also, maybe girlfriend just really loves her quince tea.

"She's still wearing an enchanted necklace. She's either dumb or has feelings for Headless."
idk maybe she thought it would be useful to be able to communicate back and forth with the Horseman if they encounter him again (YOU KNOW LIKE IN EPISODE 5.) Or maybe she's just got used to wearing it and doesn't think of its potential for nefarious puposes. Probably that's anti-Katrina fans' excuse to yell about how she's a terrible witch, but whatever. Being a witch does not make you inhuman with human flaws in overlooking the obvious. I didn't see Ichabod picking up on its potential for evil either, even after she mentioned the enchantment.

I really miss the days when fandom was on LJ and you could complain about things other than misogyny without having a mob descend on you for your moral failings. Remember that time muzzy-olorea and I had civil discourse and diferent opinions while I was shipping a student/teacher pairing?? (I regret nothing) BECAUSE FRIENDSHIP, not the battlefield Tumblr tags are.
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