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2 Broke Girls and the Move-In Meltdown (4x10): All I heard was "Caroline has agreed to let Max walk around the apartment naked in the future." Otherwise, so much boredom around the title Sophie/Oleg plot.
Grade: C-

NCIS 12x13, We Build, We Fight
On the Jimmy/Brina front: Got a giggle out of Brina's desperation to eat a cheeseburger without The Jimmy Police, Abby casually relaying, "Don't freak out, but she's in labor," Gibbs headslapping Jimmy to unfreeze him and send him into action on that front, and Gibbs coming into the hospital room with that face that reminds us this man could not resist a tiny human if his life depended on it.

On the plot front: I was in no mood for Gibbs rage-o-hol-ing all over because one sailor's name was tarnished, but am mildly if grudgingly impressed that the Diane fallout continues to appear in every episode. I especially liked him telling Mann point-blank that people close to him get hurt, so the space between them is deliberate, to prevent her from becoming collateral damage.
Grade: C
Stalker, 1x15, "Lost and Found"
I feel like everyone's response to everything that happened in this episode was wrong, without any explanation why. Why did everyone assume right off the bat that the assistant coach was a sleazebag? How was the school able to suspend that poor girl based on rumors? Why was the mother's response to her daughter's traumas basically "buck up, show them it doesn't bother you" instead of seriously entertaining the idea of transferring her to a new school? Why did the team continue to be so hostile to Jenny instead of ever once assuming she might have been set up?

Basically, I want to bring forth all of the lawsuits against both the school and the LAPD piss-poor handling of the situations. And I am not a litigious person, nor someone who generally believes emotional damages are worth more than triple diigits.

I actually have more questions: how did a white girl acquire the name "Rihanna" in the 90s? How does a healthy baby enter the foster care system without being instantly adopted -- was she returned early due to emotional/mental problems? Most importantly, how was her mother giving up a baby for adoption due to not being ready, and then suddenly getting her life together enough to be able to adopt a baby just 5 years later? Adoption: last I checked, it takes a long time and requires a lot of hoops to be jumped through, including financial and relationship stability, if you want a newborn.

Also, the woman playing the mom was probably the worst actress this show has ever had. We spent the whole episode convinced she was the guilty party because she seemed so emotionally detached from everything, like she was a sociopath trying to mimic concern.

We did enjoy Pouty Perrysulking alone in the hotel room after getting a beatdown from Ray, Actual Hardcore Violent Stalker, to put him in his place and wipe out his delusions of leadership grandeur. You may be the smartest one in the room, Per-Per, but sometimes that's not enough against brute strength and crazy eyes. Also, I have to admit that "your best friend at school is actually your adoptive mom's 21-year-old biological daughter who thinks if she gets you framed for murder, assault, and or sluttiness in order to get you arrested or cause you to run away or commit suicide she'll get to take your place in your mom's life" is a twist no one saw coming.

Grade: C+. A lot of bad acting/writing.
The Mindy Project, 3x14, "No More Mr. Noishe Guy"
Is that the show describing itself?

I heard this episode had a "game changing twist," so I watched it ASAP before the internet could spoil me. Tabling the last minute or so for now, I was lukewarm but somewhat receptive to the idea that the show might pack itself up and shift locations to California. I mean, to be fair, my response to the insurmountable obstacle of Danny being a New York man and Mindy having an opportunity to be a partner in her own practice on the opposite coast was BREAK UP. I say that from both a spiteful place and from a "seriously, there is no good compromise here." Y'all ain't Jim and Pam; I'm not prepared to crush the woman's dreams for love this time.

(I mean, you'd think I'd be all "GET OUT OF NEW YORK AND DON'T LOOK BACK" without a second thought, but I respect Danny's resistance to moving from where he's lived his whole life even more than I hate New York. And it goes without saying I respect dudes a) surprising their significant other with a non-rented space, and b) hotly buying fixer-uppers they have either the knowledge or the cash flow to fix up.)

And now I'm being serious: I think breaking up right now would be the best and healthiest thing. I can't remember a time I have ever said this. I don't even like to put that out there in the universe, lest some other show hear it and implement it in the worst way. But it's a perfect solution. Let Mindy build her professional life. MAYBE HOOK UP WITH ALEX. If it doesn't work out, she can go back. Let Danny decide if life without Mindy is unbearable, or if it can in fact be managed and still allow them to remain friends. Put themselves officially On A Break, at any rate.

I didn't really think that would happen, though, so I looked forward to seeing how the show handled its big new twist. (I still vote Fancy New Office with Gurglar. His panicky texting was hilarious. I want him around all the time. I am not accustomed to enjoying non-hot men for their comedic value on this show, but it feels like this is what Morgan could have been like if he were less creepy).

And then that garbage ending came along, ruining their chance at a serious/seriously comedic look at long distance relationships in the long term and igniting my wrath. Further igniting my wrath every time they or someone else talks about how this makes sense because this show is "different" and "never traditional." Because television shows NEVER have endgame couples get accidentally pregnant before they're married. Never! It is TOTALLY NOVEL, YOU GUYS. MUCH GROUND-BREAKING. It's definitely not one of my Four Tropes of the TV Apocalypse.

This idea just sounds so boring. I don't want a baby! We had a baby in like five episodes this season already and it was so dull. And because it's a stupid sitcom and the writers have shot down "false positive" already, there are no escape routes. I just hope the writers and the entire fandom is aware that nothing makes me dislike a couple I'm lukewarm about it faster than forcing them to parent ahead of schedule.

I did enjoy Peter's farewell, though, and I even got inexplicably emotional in his final montage. Speaking of montages, the Danny/Mindy San Francisco SuperDate was super adorable.  I'm going to miss moments like that.

Grade: B-. I feel like most of it was fine until the end.
I am so excited for the Grammys, by the way. IS IT SUNDAY NIGHT YET. I want to start my non-live blogging! I'm also curious to see if this is the year I have fewer than 50 notes because I've opted to skip so many performances. So many look so unpleasant...
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