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It's a work weekend. Figured I'd keep a running tally of my schedule today to see what goes on.

7:15am: Wake up --> go to grocery store
8:15-3:00: ALL OF THE WORK (including an at-desk lunch: 1/2 tuna salad sandwich and way too much imitation crab and pita chips )
3:10-4:10pm: Walk
4:15-5:00: Dollar store/Target/library run
5:03: Wash dishes, check work email for replies, eat dinner (chicken/vegetables and OH DEAR GOD DELICIOUS bakery brownies I got this morning; I have been craving these all week.)
5:40-6:10: Talk to Chris
6:15-7: Solitaire (a/k/a "aw crap, stopping to talk to boyfriend shot my work motiation all to hell")
7-9: watch Red Band Society finale. Maybe playing Solitaire during all the commercials.
9:30: Solitaire Zombie curse finally broken. So...LJ break??
9:50-11:50: Finish almost half of tomorrow's due work! (fyi this almost never happens)

And now, words on the rest of Red Band Society.
* Dr. McAndrews got way less hot after his inconsiderate hookup with Brittany (I keep trying to call her Becky, why!), and his more inconsiderate "get over it!" snapping, which gave me the sudden flash that he is Christian Grey 20 years in the future. He would be perfect.

* Leo staring dully out the window in episode 12 = my face for like 60% of this show. Leo as a catatonic mute with no hope is the way I like him.
It's a hard call between which pairing is more boring/torturous to watch: Emma/Leo or Kara/Smug Jerk. I think his name is Hunter?

* Jordy/Emma never did actually happen in any capacity, and it's THE WORST TORTURE. I don't care about her pining! Leo is gross and dumb! Meanwhile, Jordy continues to be dragged down by his boring drug-dealing/family drama. I am trying really hard to see past that, but less Nurse Jackson's sweet "why didn't you ask for help?" appearance at the courthouse, it's tough.

* His one shining moment has been playing that verse of an original song on his acoustic guitar. That was amazing and sent shivers of pleasure all up and down my spine. To paraphrase Rachel threatening Chandler to call Joanna immediately, "Sign him, sign him now." SHOW. GIVE ME THIS WHOLE SONG OR SO HELP ME...

* Actually, the thing this show is best at so far is choosing a really nice selection of singer/songwriter songs (especially from women) for scene transitions. I might troll through the wiki, if it ever gets fully updated, to see if I can pick anything up.

* I enjoyed the brief departure from the hospital to see Emma at home with her family. I love her family, especially her sister. And, frankly, also her mom. I think Emma's teenage rage fit is a bit much. (which is probably a sign that I'm now closer to being a parental figure than a teenager. Dang it.)

* The only time I liked Kara/Hunter was when she was ready to run into the light in order to stay with him. THAT IS HOW YOU RELATIONSHIP CORRECTLY. Her life with divorced parents and miserable mom/step-mom seems worth escaping anyway; living with heartbreak just makes it worse. The small amount of guilt I'd feel for wasting a heart would not stop me. I'm relieved to know you can direct-donate your organs, though. Three Rivers never taught me that.

* Why did Mae take so long to show up?? Despite being saddled with the same affliction as all the other girls here, namely an ability to choose quality boyfriends, she's so cute and quirky and fun! I love girls with a passion for artistic photography. Also, those cat stockings. I saw them on a fan at one of Chris Colfer's book signings this year; they are still adorable.

* Consarn it. Coma Charlie finally woke up, some cutie named Claire showed up, and the series is over. I like these hints of the world to come. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is definitely overplayed, but I guess it was a cute ending.

Final thoughts: This show tried hard, I tried hard, but it just never ignited a spark of love in my heart and I'm not sad to see it go. I might be a little sad I spent all those hours getting through it, though.
IN RANDOM ANNOYANCE: I guess people are actually enjoying Empire? Which just baffles me, because everything about that part of the music world needs to either disappear off this earth or get way less popular than girls with acoustic guitars; until that happens it has no stories worth telling. Also, I can't believe The Duff is a movie. I have not read it, but I've been rolling my eyes at that book on the library shelf for as long as it's been in print.
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