RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Grammy Liveblog Preview

7:27: "oh my god I'm so bored I don't know if I even have the heart to bother with writing down words"

(and it's a shame because they seem to be trying really hard to be classy and pay homage to classic performers, but I am just not feeling it)

Edit: It's not going up tonight, so have a look at what I did today instead.

9:05 AM: Wake up --> internet
9:30-1:15: Work (for the most part...internet distractions crept in)
(break for miscellaneous eating/getting ready)
1:40-2:40: Walk
2:40-3:45: Dishes & testing out a brownie recipe replacing oil with applesauce
3:45-4:30: Run to grocery store to get non-fat yogurt for my next brownie experiment, plus a few other things
4:30-5:15: Get sucked into watching documentaries on Alaskan wildlife with Mom
5:15-7:00: ?? Probably something dumb like interneting.
7:00-10:40: GRAMMYS
10:45-11:45: Attempt to write Grammy post, but get bogged down by how to articulate ALL THE RAGE without getting called out on being a jerk.
11:55 PM: Ultimately give up in exhaustion and frustration without making any usable progress, and go to bed.
Tags: grammys

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