RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Poll Time!

(Because I don't want to think about things like having cavities filled tomorrow morning, or Driver's Test, Round II on Wednesday.  WHY DID I SCHEDULE THINGS DURING FINALE WEEK.  WHY WHY WHY.)

Alas, I have a po' basic account and can't actually have the shiny polls with the easy-click buttons.  As such, you do not have to actually vote in this.  In fact, it's not really a poll so much as it is a betting game, in which I invent possible outcomes for hinted-at scenarios and then divvy up 100 to make up payout percentages off the top of my head, using whatever information I have available to me (spoilers, pictures, interviews, past experience with show, others' speculation).  And so, here are my speculations for tomorrow's season finale of CSI: Miami. 

I. The phrase "almost dies," as it pertains to Horatio, most likely means:
  1. Abso-friggin'-lutely nothing: 68%
  2. A small cut, bump, or bruise: 21%
  3. Minor injury, akin to a sprain or something requiring stitches: 5%
  4. Serious injury, with bloodshed and/or broken bone: 4%
  5. Serious injury, involving loss of consciousness: 2%
II. This episode will end in a cliffhanger:
  1. Yes: 25%
  2. No: 75%
III. Calleigh's reaction to Jake kissing her
  1. Highly receptive: 5%
  2. Somewhat receptive: 11%
  3. Leaning towards negative: 55%
  4. Extremely negative: 29%
IV. The fate of CaKe:
  1. Goodbye, Jake!: 60%
  2. Goodbye Jake, hello Eric: 13%
  3. Ambiguous/open-ended: 20%
  4. Together and as happy as can be expected, given their history: 7%
V. The "officer down" requiring assistance is:
  1. Random cop we've never seen before: 55%
  2. Jake: 30%
  3. Minor detective character (not Frank): 6%
  4. Calleigh: 3%
  5. Natalia: 3%
  6. Horatio: 2%
  7. Other: 1%
Tags: csi: miami, life, polls, speculation
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