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Poll Time!

(Because I don't want to think about things like having cavities filled tomorrow morning, or Driver's Test, Round II on Wednesday.  WHY DID I SCHEDULE THINGS DURING FINALE WEEK.  WHY WHY WHY.)

Alas, I have a po' basic account and can't actually have the shiny polls with the easy-click buttons.  As such, you do not have to actually vote in this.  In fact, it's not really a poll so much as it is a betting game, in which I invent possible outcomes for hinted-at scenarios and then divvy up 100 to make up payout percentages off the top of my head, using whatever information I have available to me (spoilers, pictures, interviews, past experience with show, others' speculation).  And so, here are my speculations for tomorrow's season finale of CSI: Miami. 

I. The phrase "almost dies," as it pertains to Horatio, most likely means:
  1. Abso-friggin'-lutely nothing: 68%
  2. A small cut, bump, or bruise: 21%
  3. Minor injury, akin to a sprain or something requiring stitches: 5%
  4. Serious injury, with bloodshed and/or broken bone: 4%
  5. Serious injury, involving loss of consciousness: 2%
II. This episode will end in a cliffhanger:
  1. Yes: 25%
  2. No: 75%
III. Calleigh's reaction to Jake kissing her
  1. Highly receptive: 5%
  2. Somewhat receptive: 11%
  3. Leaning towards negative: 55%
  4. Extremely negative: 29%
IV. The fate of CaKe:
  1. Goodbye, Jake!: 60%
  2. Goodbye Jake, hello Eric: 13%
  3. Ambiguous/open-ended: 20%
  4. Together and as happy as can be expected, given their history: 7%
V. The "officer down" requiring assistance is:
  1. Random cop we've never seen before: 55%
  2. Jake: 30%
  3. Minor detective character (not Frank): 6%
  4. Calleigh: 3%
  5. Natalia: 3%
  6. Horatio: 2%
  7. Other: 1%


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May. 13th, 2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
1. I REALLY HOPE THEY ARE NOT SCREWING WITH US. I mean, you know I LOVE THE H MAN but nearly killing him is such a fantastic concept due to the fact GUH HE MIGHT DIE AND THINK OF MY REACTION. I will be soooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off at Donahue if nothing happens. I don't think I ocould be responsible for my actions....Now I am beginning to doubt the plane crash...budget might not be able to fit it in but for the love of God, IT'S MIAMI. Even if they did go on holiday to Brazil...

2. See, I'm leaning towards it might, but just because that's me wishful thinking....

3. Does extremely negative = Slap/shooting Jake? I HOPE SO.

4. BYE BYE CAKE. AS much as I'm all for DuCaine, I don't mind hiphugger romance, that's just it though...I'M INDIFFERENT. Probably because Horatio's not involved...

5. RANDOM. DEFO. They are so throwing us off. I think Jake might (fingers crossed) die too though...I WANT HIM TO.
May. 13th, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
1. There's always the fanfic. *pause* Is there? Suddenly I don't think I'm in posession of nearly enough Horatio-almost-dies fic. Must go hunting.

3. Does extremely negative = Slap/shooting Jake? I HOPE SO.
*drapes self over desk laughing* You don't even know how much I want Calleigh to haul off and slap him across the face now. Of course, she's far too professional to do such a thing when there are people watching, but still.

May. 13th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
Good luck on Driver's Test, Round II. Hopefully that will go better than last time. *supportive applause*

Anyway, my votes:

I. 1. Yes, I want want want it to be 5, but I think the Earth might go spiralling into the Sun before that happens. *pout*

II. 2. Season finales haven't done that yet; why should they start now?

III. 3. No matter how Calleigh actually feels about Jake, I can't see her being all that happy about such a flagrant violation of her personal space.

IV. 3. This is still a CSI show, after all.

V. 1. *pouting continues*
May. 13th, 2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
(II.) I dunno, I sort of count last year as a cliffhanger. I mean, not a really severe one, but it wasn't wrapped up in a neat little package until Rio. Besides, the original CSI's having fun with a cliffhanger this year, and THEY'VE never done that either.

(V.) I know; I was excited for all of about 3 seconds hoping that meant Horatio, and then I remembered how this show works.
May. 13th, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
I've gotta say that we both think pretty similarly, so here's my 2 cents...

I. The phrase "almost dies," as it pertains to Horatio, most likely means:
Abso-friggin'-lutely nothing...
-H is like Superman, unfortunatly you just can't kill him, as we have seen many times.

II. This episode will end in a cliffhanger:
-CSI Miami never ends in a cliffhanger, I don't think they know how to.

III. Calleigh's reaction to Jake kissing her:
Leaning towards negative...
-bitch slap that man and give me some Ryan and Calleigh action

IV. The fate of CaKe:
Goodbye, Jake!...
Hello, CaRWash!

V. The "officer down" requiring assistance is:
Random cop we've never seen before...
but I'm hoping it's Jake or Eric, but Eric's already been shot in the head this season, so I'm leaning more toward Jake.

Bring on the finales!!!!
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