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Work is hard today. TV is easier.

I. The Mindy Project 3x15, Dinner at the Castellanos
There are three things I liked about this episode:
a) Neeta explaining, in detail, why Mindy's one negative pregnancy test is actually just a popsicle stick she drew a line on. Neeta saw her eat the popsicle. And draw the line. And then pee on it for some reason.

b) the call with Peter (who is eating enough fried food for several heart attacks and totally not stalking Lauren; it's only stalking if she doesn't fall in love with you -- per the wise counsel of Mindy),

c) Mindy slapping a 12-year-old girl (Dani slapped her first!) without hesitation and calling her out on manipulative teenage whininess. I feel like Tumblr is definitely encouraging a culture of "no one has a right to question or invalidate another person's feelings for any reason" and it was just so great to see an adult having none of this nonsense.

In an alternate universe where they have been together for 5 years, I might be able to appreciate Danny's expression after he finds her curled up on the sofa, but that's not a satisfying reason for him to apologize for making her feel that unwelcome at a family dinner (I don't care how many family members she slapped). I don't want babies to just make everything better. I don't feel good about this.

You know what I want? Forget the pregnancy -- I want the story of Danny raising a preteen and Mindy having to learn to stop competing with her for the better outfit and the rights to all the histrionic drama. Imagine Danny trying to deal with two of Mindy, basically. (better yet: imagine Danny trying to compete for Mindy's attention when she and Dani bond over a trashy reality show and he's like, "are you coming to bed?" / "DANNY THIS IS A CRUCIAL MOMENT IN THE SERIES" / "she's just sitting there crying" / "WE ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT WHAT SHEILA DID TO HER LAST WEEK!") That is a story that I think would actually be unique for TV, and full of comedic value.

Grade: C

II. Does anyone on my flist watch Arrow? I don't and I haven't seen it mentioned much on LJ, but boyfriend has recently taken to marathoning its cheesiness with delight, and I'd be happy to convey his commentary to facilitate to discussion.

I have accidentally absorbed enough of it on Tumblr (it seems common among Sleepy Hollow fans) to kind of know who the characters are and get the general gist of it. So far, his favorite character is the salmon ladder that this Arrow fellow apparently trains on in typical overwrought and shirtless broody male fashion. And I am most proud of the fact that he's

a) going against popular shipper opinion by liking Laurel better than Felicity as a love interest (hear me out), and
b) actually thinking that both women are too good for the Arrow dude -- Oliver! I knew that --who is "kind of a jerk." He just thinks that Felicity is WAY too good for the jerk, while apparently Laurel has some canon history with him and he can see some chemistry there. Based on what I have absorbed throughout the series, I concur that Felicity is definitely way too good for him, while Laurel is Katie Cassidy, and I'm pretty OK with her face.
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