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Introducing my newest obsession, Celebrity Name Game.

I know it premiered months ago, because Darren Criss was on it within about the first week and I was like "KLAJSDLASJDLFS THAT SHOW SOUNDS AMAZING," but I wanted to save his episode until I had time to savor it, and wanted to watch other episodes first to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, it airs at the most terrible time -- 5:00 -- which means by the time it's late enough for me to want to turn on TV, it's over. So it is only within the past month or so that I've started watching it semi-regularly.

Having now seen about 10 episodes -- even though I just missed the one tonight, which was apparently Yvette Nicole Brown + Kevin McHale; NOOOO -- I can say that this is, without question, the best game show that has ever existed.

A List of Benefits:

+ It's FAST. It's the fastest-paced game show I have ever seen; aside from recapping the rules, there is very minimal time-wasting to get to know the contestants and there's definitely no time wasted while flying through the rounds, with the actual objective being to fire off questions and answers as fast as you can.

+ You can play along at home multiple ways -- as the clue guesser or the clue giver. But it's also fun enough to just watch without playing along.

+ All the answers are famous pop culture things. I AM SO GOOD AT THIS KNOWLEDGE. I am like Kelly Kapoor. (I am also now effectively ruined for playing along with Jeopardy ever again, as my self esteem will not be able to handle my comparative failure when challenged with book learnin'.)

+ Craig Ferguson has a delightful accent and is a fairly charismatic host.

+ You get to enjoy watching celebrities! Specifically, you get to enjoy watching random celebrities having fun, rather than working on promotion or potentially giving an awkward answer to an interview question. (I can't watch televised interviews because they make me squirm so hard with secondhand embarrassment.)

+ The success rate on these celebrities is about 95% for recognizability (they're basically all from TV and it's GLORIOUS), and at least 99% successful on likability. The only horrid person so far has been Ross Matthews. I judge Jay Leno SO MUCH for letting him achieve fame.

+ You get to enjoy watching ordinary people meet celebrities, without the secondhand embarrassment of knowing those people spent a boatload of money for the privilege or awkwardly accosted the celebrity for a photo/hug.
Also, I need to know if those girls on Darren Criss's first episode are on Tumblr and/or if Tumblr talked about them, because this show premiered right around the time I shuttered my main Tumblr doors and subsequently lost my 24/7 Darren Chris/Chris Colfer news feed. They seem to be the right age group and certainly have enough energy levels for twenty Tumblrs, so I really hope they are actual Glee fans (and preferably the Darren-friendly kind) and that it was as wonderful as it looked.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find like 97 gifsets of him on that episode because GOOD LORD, what a fetching appearance. I'd either forgotten, or he was looking especially alluring that day. The perfectly grown mop of curls, the scruff, the preppy-casual attire, the charming smile, the voice... (I particularly liked him apologizing when he blanked on "Osmond"). I haven't heard his real voice in so long, and I'm sure it's been longer still since he had to talk without swearing. For the dreamy duration of this episode, I forgot he even did that.

Can game shows be a fandom? Because according to one site there are about 135 episodes and growing, and I currently very much feel that I would like to watch 5 or 10 of them a day until I get through them all, and maybe never watch television with complicated things like "plots" again.
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