RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Survivor is back tonight...

And I could not be less prepared or enthused. I DON'T WANT NEW PEOPLE. BRING BACK MY OLD PEOPLE. Make them all play again and see who comes out on top now that they know each other and are aware of strengths and weaknesses. How does that not sound reasonable?

Not even the part where Josh and Reed are involved in some kind of official online Power Ranking activity, and consequently have thrown themselves all in with background research and getting to know the new cast ahead of time, can inspire me to open my heart or get excited about this show with a bunch of strange new weirdos. I mean, I'll make myself watch it tonight -- both for Mom's sake and the sake of being able to follow any Tweets from the aforementioned couple about this season -- but I have never seen my love for a group of contestants on any reality show be so strong that it broke my attachment to the whole series when their turn was over.


(I'd really like to update my standard Survivor icon to reflect the Broadway Boyfriends, but alas, very few shows still have icon-makers and this is not one of them.)
Tags: survivor

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