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*Gollum scream*

There's one Sleepy Hollow person on Tumblr I still follow because she's a nice person and didn't want to be unsupportive, but I blacklisted her username so her posts wouldn't appear until I was ready to catch up on the show. I forgot that doesn't work if they're the first post on your dash, because it takes a couple of seconds for the blacklist to load.

[the spoiler about the end of season 2]
So right there, of course, my eyes zoom in on unavoidable black and white horror:
you know what pisses me off about the way they killed Katrina?

Now, based on my fandom feelers, I knew that everyone got super pissed about the midseason finale, and I'm pretty sure it was over a death, so I was working on the assumption that Jenny might have died this time for real. I still don't know if this is true, but it brought me calm to think, "OK. So if I want to watch more episodes, I can go at least until midseason, and then I'll see if I want to continue." There was a mild amount of nervousness that if they killed her, my girl was only fairer game, but I decided to repress that possibility until proven otherwise.

Then I learned there was another death in the finale or the penultimate episode, and I got way less calm, but I was still able to maintain a zen-like attitude of "if I never hear about it it doesn't happen." I have been VERY good. I've avoided watching anything on the FOX channel (in case of previews), I haven't visited a single Tumblr, and I avoid all entertainment news sites on Tuesdays to ensure I don't trip over any major headlines. I screen TV Line quite carefully the rest of the time, too, since they track that show pretty closely.  And nothing unwanted has entered my brain!


The worst part is that I had almost made my peace with the idea that I might close out season 2 and be willing to risk this happening if I didn't know it was coming. I finally finished my review of 2x07, I was working on 2x08, and I wanted to at least inch closer to the cutoff point, maybe even all the way. Close out season 2, and if tragedy struck then, I'd be free of it forever.

But much like with CSI, when you poison the well in advance, I lose all heart to continue. Why bother to invest time in something doomed? Except for the itchy, bothersome feeling of something being unfinished. The lost half of CSI season 13 still nags at me. But it's been two years there, and I still haven't gone back, so I expect it will continue to bother me rather than me resolving it/dealing with my grief.

At least I don't know any details yet. Maybe one day I can convince myself it was just someone reacting to a spoiler, rather than canon.
Tags: rage-o-hol, sleepy hollow, thou hast betrayed me
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