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I am freeeeeeeee of work for almost 48 hours! I don't know what to do with myself, so I'm going to fall back on the usual suspect: writing about TV I have seen recently. I actually went to two estate sales this week and they were super fun, but I'm too lazy to haul out a camera to take a photo of what I bought yet. So you get boring stuff instead!

NCIS, 12x16, "Blast from the Past"

I think I wanted to like this more than I did. I was never super-enthused while watching it, but I did enjoy Gibbs reviving his old alias as a tech guy (doing a great job of bluffing his way in with people skills, then taking 4 hours to complete a simple computer mission even with voices in his ear), everyone's stunned reactions when informed of his past alias as a computer geek "technician," as he keeps pleasantly correcting them, and the steady reveals that the other resurfaced aliases were formerly used by Mike Franks and Jen Shepard.

The saddest part about all of that last part was Friendly Neighborhood Cat Rescue Lady being packed off to jail. I loved that scene with the friendly felines even as I knew it would end badly. COME ON, LADY. I'm pretty sure that mandatory retirement from the CIA does not mean your choices are limited to "sit at home twiddling your thumbs" or "find work as a criminal." If you somehow can't find fulfilment in taking care of a herd of cats, I feel like there are a whole bunch of jobs for which you could be qualified, or volunteer work that you could do. But NOW WHO WILL CARE FOR THE CATS. Did you even think about the cats?

Also, I wish I hadn't had to listen to a whole episode of Ellie wondering if, hypothetically, she would ever be sent undercover and if she'd have to have a fake relationship/sleep with someone in the process. Bishop, stop making me question your commitment to being better than Ziva. You're already off the Favorite Female Characters list, so I really hope Gibbs telling you to shut up and go home to your husband is the thing that got through to you, or I will have to get on board fandom's hate train.

Grade: B-
Criminal Minds, 10x14, Hero Worship: I like how we are giving 100% of the continuing grief repercussions to Reid. So many excellent scenes, particularly his expressions when faced with injured people in the hospital desperately seeking their loved ones. And his apparent lack of concern for his own safety, stubbornly remaining fixed in the blast zone of the truck bomb alongside Morgan. And staying up all night playing a chess game with a ghost, no but Rossi noticing. Their last scene offered a nice sense of closure.

And oh hai, I c u with yer cute young female genius just subtly bein' on the scene and exchanging words with our resident male genius, and I give an approving nod. I was just wondering to myself how you would ever believably write a love interest for Reid again, but I see it and I like it.  I also like how obviously casual you are about it. "Her? Oh, no. We're probably not doing anything with her. We just thought it would be fun character to write in. I mean, if you see more potential in her, that's cool I guess, but not our intention at all."

I'm a little worried I'm being more accurate than tongue-in-cheek, so I hope that's not the case. I really think her age would be a benefit here, too. I think lack of relationship experience can essentially shrink an age gap in the right circumstances, and in this case actually make them more easily matched.

Oh, crap, now I'm all in and I don't even know if they're ever bringing her back.

Grade: B

10x15, Scream: well, that recreation of a 1950s housewife torture/murder was disturbing and awful to watch in all the ways (particularly the head-banging). Never again, thank you. Except I did really like the attack on JJ, her losing the upper hand, and Callahan riding to the shooting rescue. I also liked the bit of forward motion on that internet pedophile terror story involving her foolish niece, and the girl's almost-cute cover story, mixing fact with fiction. Good job on showing up unexpectedly, Uncle Greg Gunberg! (by the way, I really love this marriage from what I've seen) I think the scariest part of this story is that the adults aren't doing anything I wouldn't do if I had a seemingly sensible and well behaved girl like that. I imagine we'll be hearing more about this in May sweeps.

Grade: C+
Random question: I was listening to "Glitter in the Air," and I'm presently trying to think of a fandom/couple/scenario for which you could write a oneshot entitled "Your Whole Life Waiting on a Ring," with or without the parenthetical addition (To Prove You're Not Alone). Preferably canon-compliant. I wanted to use it for Glee, but I'm having trouble coming up with a concept.
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