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It's like bigamyyyyy / on your wedding day!

So, picking up where I left off...

Castle, season 6 finale, "For Better or for Worse"

My grumping hiatus lasted less than 24 hours, because Castle is taking this whole already-married thing much better than I am, and it really did wonders for my mood.

Beckett: I never thought that it was for real! And I broke with the guy a couple weeks later, after I found out he was a compulsive liar...and a degenerate...and a thief.
Castle: *patting her knee* Yes, but not before you tied the knot. *dramatic sigh* And here I thought you were a one and done kind of girl.

Kate did too, for that matter, all full of delightful piss and Rogan-nabbing vinegar, right up until the gratifying part where she was finally frustrated to the point of tears and ready to give up. I needed that breaking point to diffuse my anger. (is that right? I feel like grammar logic says it's "defuse," but "diffuse" sounds SO much more like what I'm picturing: not getting rid of the anger, but breaking it up and spreading it over a greater surface area to lessen its impact)

Anyway, it felt more realistic, acknowleding that this was an actual awful series of events and not just a wacky adventure comme d'habitude. And it didn't hurt that Castle was there at that point to be a model rock of support and encouragement, and talk about how great love stories need obstacles to overcome. Awww. "That's why I want to marry you," indeed. Better yet, two minutes later he will merrily start to resume use of the phrase "your husband" as often as possible.

To my pleasant surprise, this plot actually made me laugh quite a lot, which is no small feat. I very quickly found myself genuinely enjoying it and getting a kick out of The Trials and Tribulations of Rogan O'Assdom. Especially when the random biker gang appeared in the middle of his apartment (and were temporarily bought off with Castle's ever-present wealth -- I love that he has $500 left "after my mother took most of my cash"). ESPECIALLY when they trickily led the mob boss and his suddenly hapless-looking redneck cronies to the random biker gang and let the pack of hyenas take down the lion kingpin. I got real fond of Biker Boss by the end there. He seemed like a fair and reasonable man, all things considered.

Meanwhile, I quite liked all the wedding details we packed in around the main plot, and how nothing got shortchanged for something worse. For instance, first we'll fill your head with visions of a beautiful Manhattan rooftop venue. Then we'll destroy it with fire...but we'll move out to the house in the Hamptons with a view of the ocean instead. Feel better? Good. Now about that dress...I got my explanation for why the dress from episode 14 is not the one she wore to the finale, and the answer is "we destroyed it with water." Or, well, the neighbor's broken pipe did. And you'll get a hilarious scene of Lainie pronouncing it dead. But we'll still make it better, by providing Kate with her mother's dress! Which is prettier.

(Side note: I love how women on TV are always conveniently the same size their mothers were when they got married, and also that the dresses are still dazzling white.)

You know who else is looking really pretty? Lainie in that curve-hugging green number with the rhinestoned shoulder straps, and the perfectly coiffed hair. I don't even know how to describe it, but its glassy smoothness was every bit as beautiful as Kate's scrunchy curls and the pretty tendrils pulled out to frame her face.

I'm very proud of how calm, clear, collected, and competent Alexis was in all this, by the way. You'd never know that less than a year ago she had apparently suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused her to lose all common sense. I also loved Martha offering the lovely gemstone earrings...although that immediately introduced a horrible crisis of "BUT WHICH DAUGHTER IS MORE DESERVING TO INHERIT THEM NEXT," Alexis by virtue of her own merit, or a hypothetical Baby Girl Beckett by virtue of coming from better stock?

I can't remember how I felt when I saw the spoiler pics last May about the car crash, but I feel like if I'd been watching it in real time, I might have gotten ragey about ending for the summer on a sour note/having the dream wedding ruined TWICE, especially after they'd just fixed the awful twist of an existing husband they introduced. That's one of my biggest fears about watching the show in real time again -- the rage and timing. But as it stands, I'm not terribly fussed. I actually enjoy seeing her devastated face and getting briefly to mine the emotional gold of "what it looks like when he dies on what should be the happiest day of her life." And, while I look forward to starting season 7, I also feel like I might take a break and play around more with my shiny Christmas present of a DVD set first.

Ultimately, I suppose I should commend them for finding a way to not have to mash the wedding in with another case, and/or for technically getting to do two finales this year: one big, suspenseful action plot, and one (relatively) sweet and fluffy thing to focus on the happiness. It was nice that they didn't have to jam them both into one episode, or save one for the fall. I mean, for the most part.
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