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Upfronts have begun! Starting with NBC.

I'm pretty sure I didn't care this much last year, but this year I had a ridiculous number of shows whose lives were suddenly hanging in the balance, along with other shows I didn't watch but which were being talked about so much it was hard not to care.  And even though a lot of this news has been trickling in over the last several days, I have this Thing about wanting to gather a sufficient amount of content before I create a new post.  I was going to wait until Friday and just comment on my shows, but instead I think I'm going to follow each network as they roll out M-Th.  And this way I can gripe about and/or cheer at length about timeslot switches.

(full list here; I'm only listing things I have reactions to)
Crossing Jordan - man, that sucks.  Not unexpected given the way they jerked it around this year, and I don't care all that much because it's had a decent run and there's plenty of material for syndication, but it's still a little sad to see it come to such a stumbling end.  Be nice to your quality shows, NBC.  You don't have very many, and now you have one less.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - *dusts off hands* Good riddance.  I never thought there was anything worth acclaim here.

Law & Order trio:
After much runaround and doom-predicting, they all came back - albeit with a passel of conditions.  And I'm not sure how I feel about that.   On the one hand, I figure they're the base model for the CSI shows, and I positively dread the day that the network randomly cancels one of said shows.  They're a package deal; chucking one (or two) seems wrong, even given the gap in ages between first and third.   And so the longer L&O lives on, the greater my hope for MY shows. 

Taking this discussion back to Law & Order...SVU is in the clear, and that's good.  TOS is in the clear, which is hard for me to adjust to because I'd kind of gotten used to the idea of it being canceled this year.  17 sounded like a good number, and I thought it would be fitting for Alana de la Garza to end her run after a single year.  We can call it the Marisol curse.  And if 1 of 3 is going to be canceled, it should be the oldest first. However, now it's suddenly gotten life breathed back into it...and better news?  Sundays at 7.  YAY CAN WATCH IT AGAIN!  Of course, after years of being denied by Cold Case I was able to watch The Simpsons again this year too, and that never happens because I'm umotivated to turn on the TV after a weekend of having it off.  Oh well.  Shows that get moved to the Friday Zone of Death and then pull themselves out of it are rare, so kudos.

CI has some strange deal worked out whereby it airs first on USA and then later on NBC.  My love for CI exists only where Goren doesn't, but since it's the youngest of the bunch and therefore CSI:NY's mirror image, I want it to prove some sort of staying power.  Still probably won't watch it, but just want to know it's still alive.

maybe I'll watch it next year, maybe I won't, but at least Mom's happy. Of course, the fact that it's moving to Sundays at 9 will probably mean Mom sees it less, because she always forgets when her shows are on/when to change channels, and will just end up staying on CBS all night.

Friday Night Lights: I still have no interest in watching it, but a lot of people do, and I'm happy for them.  I recognize that it's a quality show; moreover it's one of few family-friendly dramas left, and that should be encouraged.  (edit: NOT WITH THE FRIDAY ZONE OF DEATH, YOU MORONS!   Although I think it might actually find an audience there, like Numb3rs has)  Basically, if NBC had to pick one critically acclaimed drama with poor ratings to get behind, better this than Studio 60.

Don't watch this one new either, but I love it in syndication so the more base material it can churn out, the better.

1 v.100:
Excellent.  This gameshow was entertaining on more than one Friday night.  Even better, the far more lackluster "Identity" DIDN'T make it.

In an unrelated note, you know what my life has been lacking lately?  Fanfic.  Haven't been writing it all, and reading hardly anything.  It makes me feel very boring and uncreative.  Hopefully this will pick up more next week.
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