RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Worst night of Wednesday TV ever.

Survivor week 2 update: I still hate everyone. Even Jenn, whom my gut says has a je ne sais quoi that makes her seem really cool and fun and likable -- I'm drawn to her like I was drawn to similar curse-heavy wild child Very in Very LeFreak -- but she has no filter to the point where it's exhausting. I don't honestly think she meant to be mean to the deaf woman, or even considered the need to be more accommodating, in part because that woman really doesn't seem like the type who'd be gung ho to go skinny dip with people 30 years younger than her and the young girls clearly have similar personalities while the other does not. But it's still really cringe-worthy to hear her lack of awareness.

Anyway...the less said about Shirin or anyone on Team Unpleasant Blue, the better. Carolyn might still be okay? Oh! And definitely Tyler, whose charm tripled the moment he was desperately looking anywhere but at the half naked woman while other tribe members mentioned him being married. Nobody else is explicitly likable and Joe's oddly androgynous face makes my eyes tired. As glad as I am that Crazy Feathers is gone, and as much as I enjoyed that combo swimming/basketball challenge, it's not enough.
Criminal Minds: oh good, another corrupt prison/prison riot. I was bored to tears except during the last 5-10 minutes when all hell broke loose and Callahan nearly lost it after coming within inches of being killed because Hotch didn't think Sketchy Prison Guard needed to be followed to the "infirmary." All I really cared about was making sure Reid chose to run to her instead of Morgan, and he did. I was subsequently very pleased/spent the next 15 minutes reflecting on how he interacts with women, being way less alpha male than everyone else on the team, but still in posession of protective male instincts.
CSI: Cyber: I will probably watch it out of convenience because I just adore Patricia Arquette's face, and it's really awesome to see her all confident and in charge. I'm actually really impressed by how much this aptitude appeals to me -- not that I didn't love Allison DuBois, but she did a fair amount of helpless flailing, and there is not a shred of passivity in Avery Ryan*. Yet neither is she coldly professional. Quite the opposite, actually. Strong female characters: nailing it.

*I laughed when she said her name 3 times over the course of the episode, but damned if it wasn't effective since it's the only one I remember.

To my surprise, it's actually easier to believe James Van Der Meme as a serious character than Fat Neil. But honestly, I think the days of my infatuation with CSI are over. This felt SO slow. Maybe it just felt that way in comparison to the beautiful intensity of Stalker to which I am accustomed to ending my night, but either way, I kept hoping it was over every 15 minutes.
Tags: criminal minds, csi: cyber, survivor, tv commentary

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