RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hurryin' on work to get to estate sales tomorrow.

1. I want to be sad that the great event known as Fandom March Madness has fallen from votes in the thousands to maybe 500 (about a 30-40% drop from even last year), but good lord, I just have no emotional investment anymore. I'm not even reading the comments, that's how bored I am. Not even mad about all the cable shows or the reps at this point, I'm just like, ", click; sure, fine, whatever." I feel like all of fandom is a fandom battle at this point and I'm struggling to care about anything, because all of the people and things that I love are ultimately destroyed.

2. I really need to shake off the shackles of shows I don't love and get back to things I do. I'm 90% sure I could still feel exhilarated about both Under the Dome and Castle, at the very least. Also, I saw a bunch of previews for The Dove Keepers tonight, and I felt my heart mysteriously flare to life, so maybe that could be a new love? Cote de Pablo is just so good in the face department, it's nice to see her have more range than NCIS allows (even at its best), and it looks so unlike anything else CBS has done as far as I can remember.
3. Survivor, Week 3: I am so over Shirin (Carolyn's comments sum her up perfectly: "WHAT?" and "I don't know how she works in corporate America"), I continue to love Jenn in spite of everything, and everything else sucks. The blue team is just such agony to watch. That dude who went off on a rant tonight, in particular. That's the kind of repetitive, unstoppable, single-minded fixation on being wronged that up to this point I had never heard anyone but my brother unleash. Spoiler alert, it's not enjoyable to listen to.
4. HO SNAPS. TV Line is bringing the pain with its show personnel shakeup headlines today:

"Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin Exits as Series Regular Ahead of Season 5" means nothing to me with the name alone, but that picture is totally Derek and HOLY HELL THAT ENTIRE FANDOM MUST BE MELTDOWN CENTRAL RIGHT NOW. I'm actually not sure if there are any non-Sterek shippers in that fandom -- you'd think there would be, on account of them not actually being in a relationship or gay -- but that is the only story I know, so it's gorious. I now revel in pain as long as it's being inflicted on other people instead of me.

Also the showrunner for Sleepy Hollow is apparently exiting?? I'm pretty sure that's too little to late to appease anyone, buddy.

And now I gotta exit TV Line before I find 17 new shows of potential interest. Stupid good-television-making world.
Tags: march madness, sleepy hollow, survivor, teen wolf, the dove keepers, tv commentary

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