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1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

Tagging: dollsome, eleigh, vegawriters, alianne, pianogurl330, sunnytyler001, lukecanwaltz88, and oh my god is that seriously the sum total of friend I still see semi-regularly blog on LJ...? Paging poinsley! Paging crackers4jenn! Paging lieueitak!

1. It was like 70 degrees today, so I took a walk. (Did I mention that 8 days ago the high was 7?)

2. After growing restless and dissatisfied with both Spotify and my music library again, I broke out my Stevie Nicks CDs from Enchanted, and fell in love all over again with the sheer perfection that is disc 3. There is not one track I even moderately dislike or am bored by on that CD. Anyone want to gush over it with me?

Now can I get grumpy? Good. I have had Sarah Dessen's newest book, The Moon and More, checked out of the library for 2.5 months trying to get in the mood to read it. I remember seeing it in stores and thinking how gorgeous it looked and how much I wished I was a Rich Person who could buy it new it that summer. I finally started it, and...yeah, I'm glad I didn't buy it.

I gave up about 50 pages in when I decided I was not in the mood for another one of those "18-year-old breaks up with longterm boyfriend right before college because Growth and Change" stories. Especially not if you're trying to convince me to root for some snobby dude from New York AND she's got an obnoxious absentee biological father pressuring her to attend Columbia instead of the perfectly fine state school to which she was accepted. Right there, three rage triggers. Especially the last one. Nothing gets under my skin quite like people trying to convince teenagers to live up to their "potential." If a person is content with their life and not homeless/unemployed with no goals/addicted to anything/in and out of jail, that is something to encourage and celebrate.

Also, the high school boyfriend was also accepted into college (i.e. of reasonable intelligence) and appears to be both hot and nice, so it's not like he's easy to just shrug and dismiss as a local loser.

[ending spoiler]I decided to skip to the end to see if I should at least get invested in the new romance, but no, of course I shouldn't. He's a jerk from New York. Listen, the only thing worse than breaking up with the high school boyfriend is not giving me an alternative romance. What even is the point of reading this story? Am I supposed to be interested in the girl's personal independent growth or something?? (I don't think I am the target demo for this novel)

Desperate to see if I was wrong, I started flipping through the book to see if there was anything else in the story that might salvage it. I find out that the boyfriend cheated on her. Of course he did. *eye roll* But then again, okay, if that's the situation I could maybe...

I read more carefully and find out he in fact did not cheat on her. As far as I can tell, some flirty chick gave him her phone number, and he ended up calling her because "things have been weird" the past few weeks while the girlfriend is all wrapped up in her nonsense, they're not hanging out, and she's always busy. (I'm assuming with Hot New York Boy, who is a customer of her family's beach rental house business, and she's showing him around as part of a documentary he's an assistant on)

Flirty Girl invited him to go to...I think it was a club? He wasn't going to, but then he saw his girlfriend hanging out with Hot New York Boy after dark, so he went. He insists he did not cheat and I believe him, mostly because I'm sitting there clutching my heart like oh my god you tragic person you are Blaine Anderson but more noble; I UNDERSTAND THIS PAIN. And even though the girlfriend hasn't been cheating either, it apparently only takes her about 4 hours after this conversation to make out with Hot New York Boy, This story looks so terrible, I cannot accept it into my brain.

[ending spoilers]When the book ends, she and her original boyfriend end up both going to the state school after all, though they have broken up and she's single, and so basically it's a lose/lose situation all around. WHAT EVEN WAS THE POINT OF RUINING EVERYTHING SHE HAD. I can't even hope that this opens the door for them to get back together because I'm so mad about what they went through.

...even though I just realized this is the exact same scenario I envisioned for one of my original characters in my alt. life universe, minus a New York boy and with actual cheating, and said characters ended up getting married for life at 22 and having 3 kids in quick succession.

...and my character was also blonde and otherwise looked a lot like how I envisioned the main character here.

...oh no.

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