RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Happiness Meme, Day 2

1. I made a bunch of delicious splurge purchases at Target & various grocery stores today: smoked gouda cheese, sparkling Fuji Apple-flavored water, low-fat baked ruffle potato chips, and chocolate cupcakes with whipped mint frosting and chocolate shavings. If I'm going to spend my whole weekend working, I'm going to have delicious things to get me through it.

2. I made the effort to drive to the farthest-away Goodwill and I FOUND PONIES. 3 original My Little Ponies, 1 I already have but 2 I do not, and one of those two has a mane that is in pristine condition for softness. Plus a bunch of G2 and G3s mixed into the bag that made me wish I could stand more than the original generation, because that was a truly good deal for $4. I want to keep the newer ones in storage with my duplicate G1s on the theory that people would probably buy them if I put a lot up for sale on eBay, but the odds of me ever learning how to use eBay seem low and I feel like I should really just re-donate them and let someone else have a surprise windfall.

3. I watched an episode of Mom voluntarily because David Krumholtz was guest starring on it. Two takeaways:

a) Allison Janney is so great in this role it's almost enough to make me continue watching. She's the Melissa McCarthy of Mom.
b) I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND exactly what it is doing to my heart and brain and whatnot to watch David Krumholtz play a college professor besotted with a student in a dopey, lovesick way and proposing marriage. Particularly in an old-timey asking-for-her-parents'-blessing way.

4. Fandom March Madness finally got exciting, with a down-to-the-wire finish between "the least offensive chick on Brooklyn 9-9" and Veronica Mars. It was so exciting that, since I have no horses in this race and am clicking on a whim, I actually switched my vote from the former 2 hours before polls closed, at which point Veronica was only one vote behind. The round ended with Veronica 4 votes ahead. So neat!

Also, other TV.
2 Broke Girls And the Cupcake Captive: Let's see...the Signature Drinks were clever, and I thought Max's ability to decorate for a surprise shower was the sweetest thing she's done in months. I didn't hate it but I forget what else happened, despite watching this all of 7 hours ago.
Grade: B-

2 weeks of The Mindy Project: The scenes with Stephen Colbert of The Cloth were so secondhand embarrassing I had to start muting them, but I appreciate Mindy's positive response to the disappointment that is (technically) having a boy: who knows what she will identify with? "I could still win." As for the previous week, once she backed herself into a corner I just didn't get why Mindy didn't just claim the problem was with her instead of the dude who is uber-paranoid about any question to his masculinity for any reason. It also seemed like a pretty solid reason why Mindy shouldn't have started her own clinic instead of the joint one in San Francisco.

NCIS, The Artful Dodger: That title sounds exciting, right? It's not, it's about Tony's lame dad helping out on a case as someone with connections to the world of art forgery. There is a pleasant dusting of Jimmy talking about being a new dad, deeming Dr. Mallard the future "Granducky," plus Abby getting a cheek kiss and sewing skull-patterned pajama pants for DiNozzo senior, but it was not good all around.
Grade: D
Tags: 2 broke girls, memes: recurring, ncis, the mindy project, tv commentary

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