RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

It's pi day, pi day, gotta get down (to LJ) on pi day...

Happiness Meme, Day 3: although I was a sloth who became paralyzed with exhaustion and didn't get to go to any garage/estate sales this afternoon, I was so angry at myself about it that I managed to kick my butt into gear and not only take a long walk (even though my legs were constantly saying NO DON'T WANNA and I almost gave up after half a mile), but also read not one but TWO books. One of the books I even got to read outside in the park in the sun, which is always my fantasy situation but one I am usually too lazy to do. Reading on the grass in the sun when there are no bugs and it's not blazing hot is an even better fantasy situation.
Tags: memes: recurring

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