RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Happiness Meme, Day 4

I hung out with Chris today. We made an easy drive, maybe 6 miles, to a lovely walking path around a lake. We went the whole way, or about 3 miles, plus a little extra to and from the car on a side street. We got good exercise, saw cute dogs (including a Gordon Setter) and pretty houses, and also sat by a side pond for a while and watched ducks.

I also speed-read one of my mom's childhood books that I really adore, Martha's Secret Wish, and squeed myself to pieces over how adorably perfect, innocent and 60s-ish it is.

[Do you really care about spoilers from a 1962 children's book?]
10-year-old Martha has always wanted a father, but instead she finds an adorable lost dog. Her mother agrees she can keep him if no one answers the advertisement, but tragically, after 2 months or so his owner reappears. FORTUNATELY, he is a super nice man and says she can visit the dog whenever she wants. And also, he immediately starts dating and ends up marrying her mother, so now Martha can live happily ever after with her beloved dog AND finally have the father she's always wanted!

(side note: when I typed that title into the Goodreads search box, hit #3 (of exactly 3) was "The Big Book of Masturbation." WOW GOODREADS. THANKS SO MUCH. THAT TOTALLY MIGHT HAVE BEEN WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. After all, it's by a woman whose first name is Martha.)
Tags: books, memes: recurring

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