RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Happiness Meme, Day 5 [late]

Is not my fault! I spent all of my post-work day doing the following happy things and was much too exhausted to turn on the computer after that.

-Went to Noodles & Co. with Chris to to take advantage of my BOGO coupon. Tried something other than Japanese Pan Noodles for the first time: Bangkok Curry. It was not as good as my usual noodles, but turns out it is more delicious when cold. Like coleslaw with noodles. Also, I got to spend time with Chris.

-When he left for night work, I walked home (so I got a good 2-mile walk in).

-On the way I went to the library and picked up Round 1 of my ILL Treasure Binge. I am now happily humming over two 1960s books and a YA novel my county didn't have, plus I am in the middle of reading another adorable 60s book I actually own. (bought at Goodwill a week or so ago and it's so wonderful and adorable that I actually can't make myself put it down even now that I have books to read on a deadline.This never happens.)

-I also checked out the Community season 5 DVD while I was there, because it was such a shock to see it sitting on the shelf. I watched all of disc 2, plus the bonus feature on that disc, plus the Ass Crack Bandit and Lava World episodes (the second one is definitely the season champion/one of the series' best of all time, though both are still amazing). I watched the finale with Mom, who is probably still laughing over the delivery of the Subway Guy's parting command to the troops.

And then I was so bone-tired from 3 walk-intensive days that I went to bed and fell asleep early (for me) -- between 10 and 10:30 PM.

-Most of the people I've tagged are also doing this meme! I am excited to start commenting on them soon.

Now, gotta run and do more work.
Tags: memes: recurring

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