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The end of the happiness meme? Already?

(More like, "is that how many days it's been since I made a post of substance?")

Today I had almost no work, so I went on a 4-mile walk in the morning, then put my pretty dress on and RAN WILD WITH ABANDON from noon to 6 pm.

Actually, I should start with the walk, because I spent half of it deciding where to go today, and thrilled myself by detailing all the places I can go in each "territory" depending on the direction I pick: north, east, southeast (which has so much in that direction there are actually 3 territories within 12 miles), south, or west. Hint, there are a lot. I knew there were a lot, but there was something about saying them all out loud that gave me a really strong sense of why my hometown is geographical perfection. Keep in mind that each location is anywhere from 1.5 to no more than 14 miles away.

I also watched a lone goose standing on the highest point of a 4-story senior home, honking loudly like some kind of sentry and/or live weather vane.

Wearing the pretty dress qualifies as a happy event all on its own. After looking at thrift stores for two years, I finally have a blue dress, and it not only fits me like a dream, it has a scoop neck with a keyhole cutout that technically shows cleavage if you squint, but is mostly neatly disguised by the hanging loops of the neckline tie. With it I'm wearing my Fancy New $2.50 Short Boots and a blue necklace with a metallic butterfly charm in the center. I especially love the necklace because I spotted them on the same trip and it's like they were meant to go together.

Anyway, back to my day. I got gas and finally got a loyalty card to one of the local companies. I also bought more of the Fancy Smoked Gouda cheese because I found a nice smaller/end piece that was only $3.63. (they usually range about $4.40-4.90, but they seem to last the same amount of time regardless of size, and they're sold at a set price per ounce so I always try to find the smallest).

Then I decided that when you get dressed up, you'd best go places that respect your look, so I spent my afternoon strolling through antique stores, and found a delightful ex-library children's book for $2 at my favorite one. I also stumbled across a picture book from childhood that I had completely forgotten until it triggered a jagged flash of MEMORIES/NOSTALGIA!! -- one of those books I only checked out from the library, didn't own, but loved to pieces: That New Pet.

Then I bought a book at one of the antique bookstores (yes, one of the) that was sporting a "25% off everything!" sale -- I'm almost sure it's not a good deal for this particular title, but the owner was so nice and so clearly a book lover herself (she made a friendly/encouraging comment about how "the best way to look at books is on your knees," as a reference to my position while scanning the children's books, and I honestly thought she was a customer at first) that I decided I simply must support this place. I also tucked away about 5 titles to check on later, because their prices were mostly under $15 and their jackets were in very good shape, so if the lowest online prices are within $5, this would be a good deal.

One of the books I think I might splurge $20 or so on (after discount!!) because it's a gorgeous old dog story and was noted "scarce, esp. w/ DJ." I of course wanted to verify for myself, but it looks like the price is competitive with online prices for first/second editions (which this was). I did splurge on an old dog book less than a year ago, is my only concern. Also I have not been very thrifty with my Goodwill shopping of late. I wonder if I should request it as a birthday present? But my parents might have already bought enough things that this would be too excessive. I think Chris has already gotten my present, too.

Side note: one of the books is The Lion. It's  $10 at the store, but on the other hand...I just found it on Abe Books for $3.14 with dust jacket and what looks like free shipping? I feel like I should chance a crappier dust jacket because it's not a super-amazing book, it's just one I kind of like.

Anyway. I also noticed for the first time in about 7 visits that this store has a clearance section ($5 or less), which is pretty great. It's back by the 19th century books so I've never bothered to go back there.

Then I went back to the library and read a wonderful, WONDERFUL old book about an English setter, from his puppyhood days and early training as a champion field trial dog, to his two years as a lost dog wandering from unhappy place to unhappy place and eventual happy ending. It's fairly mature, definitely intended for age 12+, but the writing style is just super charming and endearing.

I spent 45 minutes writing this post, so I should probably get a jump on work for tomorrow so I can do more fun things, but...what a day!

EDIT: holy cats, another good thing -- I just buckled down and spent an hour on my hardest assignment for tomorrow, which is 95% done. And just as I was resigning myself to having to stop and finish the remaining bit at home, the library computer informed me that my time had been automatically extended another hour since there were still computers available, so now I can finish before I leave! You don't understand what a miracle this is -- this shop type is usually so sucky and hard I can't even bring myself to start it until after 11pm, and then I suffer until the wee hours before giving up and just turning it in the next day. Getting this done tonight puts me at about 50% of the way through tomorrow's work.

In requisite grumpy news: Livejournal, why would you think it's more convenient for me to have to hover over the menu in the header on the top of my journal in order to get to the "post new entry" link? LOOK AT ALL THAT BLANK GRAY SPACE YOU ARE WASTING WITH YOUR DUMB HIDDEN MENU ICONS. If this is meant to make it more mobile/tablet friendly, I am going to track down all of your mobile devices (CSI: Cyber is giving me so many ideas, y'all), bury them in your backyard and leave a humming desktop computer on your front porch in exchange. Like a new-timey changeling.

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