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And in the end...

I said in a more convoluted way on Tumblr that being in a TV show fandom is like living in a small town that depends largely on one industry/employer to keep it alive. When the show ends, it’s like the mine or the factory shutting down. People may have been breaking off and drifting away for years, but that's IT, the final straw.  Core people will stick around for a while, and some die-hards will put down stubborn roots and refuse to leave, but the loss of a connective factor that is new canon makes it impossible to sustain at the strength it once was. Most people eventually pack up and move on to other things, and the community is never the same.

So while I continue to remain as blind and deaf as possible about the Glee finale as possible (I have a sickening feeling there's a time jump or a flash forward, and they have ruined so much messing with time already that I just want them to GET OUT already), that's what I'm thinking about. The ghost town that will be there when I finally have the heart to catch up on canon and then revisit all the blogs that two years ago were the epicenter of my world (though I'm not better, really, the inexplicable season 5 deserting traitor). Nope...not handling this well; time to put my emotions on ice again.

P.S. Random sad thing about Glee ending #486: WHO WILL POLITELY CLEAN UP SONGS FOR ME. Like, I just looked up the real lyrics to "Greased Lightning" and WHY. Why would you ever use those lyrics when the ones Glee substitutes straight up sound better and more natural? Why didn't you think of that in the first place, songwriters?
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