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That's the time I fall in love again

Also, I clicked on this TV Line article called "Cancellation Anxiety" -- shows whose futures you should start worrying about -- because I did not like the images I saw, and OH NO. It is made up mostly of shows I watch and almost entirely of shows that I have at some point felt favorable feelings toward.

Between the time I saw the article and the time I wrote this post, one of those shows has already been canceled -- Hart of Dixie, which I was never going to watch once they ran with Wade/Zoe all the way to the end, but I did see the pilot so I am pretty sure this was the highest quality show the CW had -- and Sleepy Hollow has been renewed.

My first instinct on the latter was to swear loudly, so now I can't figure out why I ever felt my heart clench to see it in the first place. I'm pretty sure after that finale BS, I was quitting anyway? And as I look at the rest, I have a lot of mixed feelings, so this is mostly just an excuse for me to babble about shows that are off on Extended Release in the high pastures and/or haven't been talked about here in a while.

CSI: I know it's been dead to me for 2+ years already, but there is something about knowing that they're just going to kick their oldest show out without giving it a proper final season and possibly without proper series finale closure -- especially compared to the epic respect NBC gave its 15-year-old show's finale -- that is like hearing a farmer say it's time to shoot an elderly herding dog no longer earning its keep, none of this sentimental "man's best friend/loyalty" foolishness.
p.s. hey, remember that time the assholes who wrote season 13 were like "Sara and Grissom's story totally isn't over at all!"? Just wondering how that turned out. Also wondering if you learned anything from watching how Miami and New York responded to being in trouble (lacklusterly and wonderfully, respectively).

Hawaii... H50 (I still can't remember if it's 5-0 or five-oh or what): I am not actually sad about this, since I haven't watched it even by accident in years, but I felt remiss not admitting to having more attachment to it than I do to, like, Agents of Shield.

The Mindy Project: I don't think I'm actually sad about this, either. At least four times already this season I thought I'd watched the season finale, only to be confounded and full of consternation when more episodes kept popping up, so I continue to hope it just keels over. We know the sex of her baby, I'm fine not getting a name. And by all accounts, it has come from far behind to suddenly a lock for season 4, so what the hell. It's the Community of FOX!

The Middle: I realize I declared this dead to me last season, but it's a such a good and important show I don't actually want it to end. Secretly I always hoped I could forgive it. TEN SEASONS PLEASE.

And then there's the actual blindside of a shocker:


OH NO. NO. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. I DID NOT SPEND THREE SEASONS BEHIND AND MISSING OUT ON ALL THE CUTE IN REAL TIME JUST TO HAVE IT CANCELED BEFORE I CATCH UP. I have never even considered how this show is doing in the ratings. It continues to show up on TV Line every week and have big plans for finales/premieres, so I just assume it's been chuggin' along as fine as its ugly cousin Bones, but apparently this season's ratings have been less than great and the leads don't have new contracts yet. (I can't imagine Stana wanting out, but I do have some concerns about Nathan). There was a mention of a possible "final, shortened" season, which...NO! While I am very grateful that I've gotten more episodes of them as a couple than I did from Numb3rs, it is not enough.

This show is perfect. It's one of two television joys left in my life on both a shipper level and a plot level, and I just...need it to still be there for me.
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