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This week really sucks so far.

Spent all of Tuesday evening driving around practicing parking until I was ready to scream. As such, missed the first ten minutes of American Idol, meanning Jordin's first performance, and without her to lead things off I discovered just how very much I hate Blake and Melinda and every other aspect of this show. I skipped another 30 minutes in the middle and finally tuned back in for the contestant-choice songs, all of which I hated, especially Jordin's stupid old jazz song. I agree with Simon on that - teenagers should not sing songs made famous before their parents were born.

During the recap I discovered that the producers-choice songs were far and away the best of the night, which in turn made me especially ticked off because a) Jordin was singing an upbeat pop song! That I actually like! b) Blake was singing Maroon 5! and c) Melinda had a song that I might actually not have hated!

My thoughts on the final three: "Blaker Girls, MOBILIZE!" I ordered with arm outstretched at episode's end. Clever people with knowledge of today's pop music world must push to support Jordin and the Blaker Girls better take care of the other half; what I very much want right now is for Melinda to be left in the dust.

"What if Melinda makes it to the finals but comes in second?" Mom asked. "Would you be okay with that?" I thought about it for approximately two seconds and promptly said no. Because then I would have to listen to her sing another week. And I don't know if I've previously mentioned this, but I despise her performances. I hate her songs. I hate them. And I don't know if you voted in the Idol songwriting competition, but I listened to all 20 finalists and none of the ones I liked would sound right sung by her. They good ones are Blake and Jordin songs. I don't really care how often people gripe that this is a SINGING competition and if Melinda doesn't win there's a horrible conspiracy because she OBVIOUSLY the best singer. You know what? Music is subjective. From a technical standpoint, a classical orchestra produces better music than, say, Hanson. But you know what? I would still rather listen to Hanson, and therefore consider their music better.

Jordin WTF!!

Let's just conveniently ignore the fact that I had to spend most of House helping with geometry homework, then got distracted petting the dog and waiting for a local news story about a puppy who'd had his ears sawn off, and by the time I got in the shower it was 9:45 and I had a head full of shampoo before I cursed "DAMMIT! Forgot to vote!"

That's pretty much it on the review front today. It's sad that geometry homework proved more interesting than House, but it was, and SVU was entertaining but again not worth noting save for two...okay, three things.

1) Elliot family time, yay! Although I want to know why everybody in TV always has to be playing poker whenever cards are shown. It annoys me because I don't know how to play, and don't WANT to know how to play, but I feel very lost whenever they start talking about it.

2) "Scotty" was Luke on Joan of Arcadia...I, he was. It's just so hard to recognize the guy without short hair, glasses, and a beanpole frame.

3) Goodness gracious, this girl's found a way to live my dream! SOPHOMORE YEAR FOREVER! Well, it was *my* favorite year (senior year was great too, but there were pesky college apps) and I still think high school was the greatest thing ever. Of course, relationships were not a factor in my high school experience, which makes my dream slightly different from the character here, but...I'm just saying I don't think she's crazy for wanting to live in the sheltered world of a teenager for a while, being taken care of. (It's the part where she actually THINKS she's 16 that makes her crazy)

And to that end, I usually kind of like the defense lawyer, but today I rather wanted to smack him across the face. Statuatory rape charges against HER? O-kay...raise your hands if you think sex emotionally damages a 16 or 17 year old boy. Anyone? No, I don't think so either. Someone really ought to make some adjustments to that particular law. I'm whipping out the double standards here and I don't think I'm wrong.

And by the way, I failed my driver's test this morning. AGAIN. Who the hell fails their second road test? Next time it'll cost $20 just to take it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. It was shaping up to be a GREAT day (/sarcasm), what with me being doubled over in cramps this morning, then heading off at 8 to go take my test, pulling up to the admin window and having the woman on the speaker be extremely bitchy. "Turn on your right signal please." I flipped it on for a couple of seconds, then off, because that's all I needed to do last time. There's a pause, and then she repeats it in a slightly more impatient tone. Um, okay, so I do it again and leave it which she gets extremely bitchy. "Right." What? This IS my right signal. Maybe she's reading the mirrors backwards, so I turn it off and do the other signal. "RIGHT!" Oh my God, I'm practically in tears and the test hasn't even started, but she finally seems satisfied.

Right, so, I pull into the proper space this time, and wait for just a minute until the instructor walks up.'s the same guy I had last time. Turns out the same person can't test you twice in a row, for which I'm relieved, but also means I have to wait an extra 20 minutes. FINALLY somebody comes, and GOD DAMN IT it's the one I didn't want, the one who looks terrifyingly like Kim Jong-il. The dark glasses he wears don't exactly help. And so here I am practically shaking out of my seat, we go on the parallel parking is marginally better than last time and I do it one try, but my 90 degree back-in goes bad, as I mess up on the first go-round and have to pull out and try again. Where I proceed to scrape my mirror against the flag, and run over the cone of another on my way out.

And still - STILL - at the end, he says I did much better than last time. Only 8 points off! In fact, he'd gladly pass me except, and I paraphrase, I MADE THE SAME FUCKING MISTAKE I MADE LAST TIME WITH THE TURNING LEFT FROM THE WRONG LANE = AUTOMATIC FAIL.

At least I know where it is this time. What I hate is the fact that as I pulled up to the stoplight, I realized I was in the wrong lane. I knew I couldn't make a turn there. In the real world I would have driven on and turned at the next light. But even as I realized it on the course, I did not connect it to last time (because I still don't remember doing that on the first test) and think it was automatic fail, I just thought it was a conscious mistake and figured it would be 6 points off or whatever, but at least I knew what I'd done wrong.

And I feel just as bitter as I did last time.
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