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Last Week in TV, Everything Was Super Romantic (Even For the Cats)

I spent all of last week getting grumpy because I was having trouble sleeping and there was no TV to watch...and now suddenly in the flurry of birthday events, TV has not only caught up with me and passed me so that I am 2 new days behind. Hence the post title only covering last week.

The Mindy Project wrapped up its season for real:

Re: the penultimate episode...I've seen her act in .gifs, but I've never actually heard Laverne Cox speak before. Not sure if I dislike her or that was just a super obnoxious character, but either way, I do not feel like I'm missing anything. Nor do I feel like I would be missing anything if this show got canceled on that terrible finale cliffhanger, though I still feel like it's got a pretty good chance at some kind of renewal.

I tune out when people start blaming "marriage" as opposed to "long term cohabitation" as the root problem, and even though it was great to hear Mindy's similar frustration on the matter and the HOW DARE YOU tone of trying to rob her of that fairy tale she's been chasing since 14 (or let's be real, probably 8), it just reminded me how I wanted them to break up in San Francisco so she could chase Lee Pace's rich tail.

There is probably a good chance they could win me over with some swoongingly romantic proposal, but for right now, I just loved the subplot of Peter's wedding and how they have accidentally proved that stalking/slowly and painfully wearing someone down is the key to reward. It was just a really nice shot of happiness, plus I love that Mindy continues to be his wingman to the point of being his best man. I also loved her complaints about him no longer being her OB-GYN just because he moved half a country away and can't deliver her baby via Skype. The complete lack of UST between them is so wonderful I almost cannot remember when Peter was the bane of my existence. (there's a weird element of wanting what I can't have...or maybe it's just that he's a lot better in small doses than as a main character)

And on the OB-GYN front: I did not buy Laura Dern's Russian accent for one second, but I enjoyed the scene material. Sorry, I have not yet tired of the "elderly/obese pregnancy" jokes, and probably will not as long as Mindy continues to make marvelously offended faces.

2 Broke Girls 4x15: and the Fat Cat
I see this show doesn't know much more about cat breeding than it does about horse ownership, which is is particularly frightening because you wouldn't think anyone be so aggressively uncaring about reality that they write about rehoming one week old kittens, or that those same people would think one week old kittens look like the ones in calendar photos. Also, I don't know how anyone thought, wrote or recited that line about Amy Adams being a bad actress with a straight face.

But I digress. I forgave this show its idiocy purely for the joy of seeing Jinxy again, and also seeing Max walk around with fistfuls of baby kittens, looking at Caroline with murder eyes for using the phrase "just a cat," and making scenes all over the place with her aggressive pursuit of monetary kitten support. NOBODY GETS BETWEEN MAX AND CATS. Jinxy is the only thing she loves! (Caroline: *gasp* // Max: Whatever.)

And really...does anything get better than the sheer randomness of this moment?

Maybe this:

Don't worry, Future Me, all the kittens eventually found homes with friendly lesbians in Han's apartment building. They're set for life.

Grade: A, despite numerous vulgar jokes, using the special scale by which I judge this series.

P.S. I just found out this show got renewed, and oddly enough that's the first renewal this year that's made me genuinely happy.

Criminal Minds, 10x18, Rock Creek Park
I am 100% ignoring the 50 Shades ripoff of the previous episode except to say that my mom was so confused by why they would call it "breath play" instead of asphyxiation, and I was so sad that I'm familiar enough with the term to not even think about it. THANKS, GLEE FANDOM.

Now as for this week...ooh, what a good ending; that creepy controlling mother/puppet son relationship gave me chills. I guess that ear in the box wasn't fake. :(

As for the more important part of the episode, I call flag on the play. You can't get me all excited about the dating possibilities of Reid meeting a younger female version of himself and then have him ask out some random surveillance lady instead. NOT APPROVED. Not even if she's trying to read Dickens and they can bond over more quality literature than he and Maeve did. I don't know what it is about this one, but I have just taken up instant stubborn opposition to her face and/or personality and I will not support this.

I was very much on board with his repeated desperation to rescue the damsel in distress in the apartment next door, though.

NCIS, 12x18, Status Update
Oh WOW did I ever like that ending kiss. I did not know McGee was capable of participating in a pretty kiss. It made all my fingers curl in a way they have not done since...probably ever for this couple. I love that she was still in the middle of their argument -- that is a sight more humor than I've ever seen from any life-endangering hostage situation, by the way -- and he just kisses her in a totally different and purpose-minded headspace. BRB swooning now.

Why do both of my only two options move so fast.

It's been a week and I still can't stop making romantic sighs over that part long enough to think about anything else, so I'm just going to go to bed and leave it at that. Although I will say that I ended up watching NCIS: NOLA for the first time in weeks right after that, and its ending kiss was not NEARLY as pretty.

Not Romantic: Survivor

I liked the head-to-head memory challenge, but it was horrifically embarrassing watching Mike try to lose. It was like they were both trying to throw the challenge, except Kelly's memory did seem to be that bad, which makes me question her credibility if she ever testifies on the witness stand.

I'm not sad about Joaquin being voted out, but wish it could feasibly have been Blowhard. I think Sierra made the right choice in alliances, but whereas I initially wanted Joaq gone on day 1, as time goes on he seems rather more harmless as entitled alpha men go. Less of the misogynistic variety and more the type to just throw money around and let that speak to his power. I'm still hoping Sierra gets to find some gal pals after the merge.
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