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Last Week in TV, Stuff Happened

BUT FIRST: can we play this Tumblr game? I'm going to answer it for at least a few shows whether you ask me or not, because this is one of the few ways I have not analyzed my collection of shows*, but it'd be fun if you were slightly interested in the answers.
*edit: except when I have to because I have a single-item coupon at Half Price Books and have to decide which DVD set is most worthy

comment with a show and i’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

This could be our chance to reconnect over the things that made us friends in the first place!

[in case you need some refreshing, here are some possible shows I have not mentioned in a while]
Possibilities: (where I've seen more than 2 seasons and am still able to differentiate between them)
Any of the CSIs
Doctor Who
The Office
The O.C.
Grey's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
That 70s Show

Or, obviously, any of the shows I currently watch would also work. Those are on the profile.

Now I will resume discussing things you haven't asked me about.

2 Broke Girls and the Zero Tolerance Policy:
That was one of their rather more tolerable episodes. I enjoyed Mary being sequestered behind the scenes where he belongs, Jo's running deadpan gag of "I don't like this thing, but customers do so carry on," Jo herself, Max showing us all how she aces job interviews with or without her assets, and best of all, Caroline being promoted (YES IT'S A PROMOTION) to hostess, which is clearly her restaurant niche. If she can calm the table of Han's Diner savages, she can clearly do anything. Basically, anything that involves the girls being successful at work and not quitting or getting fired by the end of the episode is a real pleasure. I wish they could work here full time forever.

Grade: A-

Survivor: The Weirdly Early Merge

I suppose I can't fault Carolyn for not wanting to work with the flibbertigibbet red tribe, especially as there are 3 of them and 2 of her and they're all super close knit. The blue tribe may be voting as a bloc, but they are like armor held together with mud, and it seems like a smart move to bet on splintering them later on. She's also clearly a smart lady to recognize the need to stay distant from Tyler despite being his closest ally. The only thing better than that is Tyler recognizing the same on his won. KING AND QUEEN OF THE ISLAND, PLEASE.

(I may or may not be imagining a European monarchy in which they unite their countries in a powerfully advantageous political marriage. Theirs will be a traditional marriage of power and dutiful child-bearing, with little romantic love spared, but also great friendship once they are in mutual agreement to seek their own lovers on the side. I am getting way too invested in this. Someone stop me before I picture Tyler in an ermine-trimmed cloak.)

In related news, I am 100% over all ability to like Hali after I foolishly looked at the secret scenes on YouTube -- why did I even go there, I have had no interest in extra footage at all this season! -- and found out[personal trigger warning: animal death]that when their tribe of fools decided to kill the rooster before the men merged back and could take advantage of it, they couldn't hold it still long enough to chop its head off so someone* held it while Hailee and her not very powerful hands choked it to death. What the FUCK Hali. I still don't like anyone who's willing to personally make an animal die with a clear conscience, SHIRIN, but at least you can justify doing it as quickly as possible. Strangling is not quick!

*"someone" is Carolyn and I am still grumpy at her, but she is too great at everything else not to forgive. Hailee has not earned herself many solid points in her favor.

That immunity challenge is one of my favorite ones -- I'm always fascianted to see whether it's upper body strength or limber bendiness that outlasts in the end, and this round coming down to Joe and Carolyn was no exception. I am still not particularly fond of Bumbling Joe, but
even I wanted him to win that challenge, just because I like it when a non-horrible underdog rescues themselves from certain death. (but make no mistake, I will revoke this benevolence if he even gets into final 3, much less wins)

I especially loved Jenn's "ARE YOU KIDDING ME, LIFE" after the bee sting to the inner thigh. Not since Never Have I Ever have I seen someone whose speech patterns are so exactly like mine (aside from the cursing -- which Katie Heaney also had in spades).

I am super not clear why Will decided to throw in with the blues at first opportunity when he already had 3 people who were close to him AND those 3 people (or 4 with him) were in a position to sway 2 more into a majority. And I personally thought it would have made more sense to blindside Mike -- I don't know who thinks it's Kelly holding that tribe together when it is CLEARLY that dude, even without the benefit of being a viewer from home.

But man oh man, when Jenn played that idol for herself and it WORKED, that's the most ecstatic I've been about a Tribal Council since Reed orchestrated Jeremy's boot. This was kinda almost better than Natalie winning. I was...well, clearly, I was doing exactly what Jenn was doing. I will even overlook her penchant for cursing because that initial "fuck" when she thought she'd made the wrong choice only served to underscore her levels of escalating joy when every other vote in the majority alliance showed her name. MAN ALIVE. What a good time. This might even call for a FUCK YEAH!!

P.S. By the way, check out this glorious comment I made about Community in the first half of season 3:
It is obviously this show's life goal to be as multi-media as possible, so I guess next we should expect, like, Sesame-Street style puppets.

I hereby take full responsibility for that part of season 4.
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