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Ranking The Seasons, Day 1: The O.C.

Following my introduction in this post, I am following through on my threat to talk about everything regardless of whether or not I was asked.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

The O.C.

[edit: 2 years later and having actually refamiliarized myself with the series, I gotta tell you, I'm not sure anything outside of season 4 is accurately assessed. I would definitely swap seasons 1 and 3 in rank, for starters. But, leaving it for posterity.]

Season 3: Johnny! That is pretty much what season 3 means to me. I loved that poor boy so much. To quote Past Me, not only was the season good for the first half because "the storylines were about scams, not sex, which nobody was having," but also Johnny "made me swoon with every scene he was in." Being able to soak up Ryan/Marissa at the same time was also delicious. Then, for that brief and beautiful time, we had Sadie. Also, I feel like Seth and Summer were pretty cute and cuddly that year? Everything burned down in flames after Johnny died, but his existence was worth it.

Season 1: Ryan was still just a baby finding his way. So was everyone, really. It was still a show I wasn't completely embarrassed to admit to watching until almost halfway through the year. The Tijuana episode is still one of my all-time favorite episodes. And in retrospect, both Anna and Theresa are really fantastic ladies.

Season 2: I liked Theresa. Zach was a'right. I have a strong distaste for this season in general due to Marissa's lame ~experimenting~ with a super unpleasant lady. I haven't actually seen most of the season, tbh. But I still think it must be better than 4, because...

Season 4: Taylor was the worst thing this show ever met. You say her name and I will still instantly see red. So having her around all the time as a main character? AWFUL. Only possible worse thing? Che. (I've always wondered why I resent Chris Pratt so much. It started here.) And then there was Katelyn, who was even worse than her sister in terms of dragging the show down. Also Kirsten got pregnant and Bullitt existed and Kevin Sorbo showed up and it was just a really bizarre, weird year. Like, Ryan turning into a cage fighter seems like one of the more reasonable events.

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