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Ranking the Seasons, Day 2: Community

Previously on this meme: The O.C.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

Season 3: Not only does this contain that glorious musical Christmas episode, which I have watched over a dozen times at this point, Dictator Chang is my favorite of all the Changs.

Season 2: Basically interchangeable with season 3. Pretty much every episode is hilarious and nobody has left the show yet. I especially love the Dungeons & Dragons episode and A Fistful of Paintballs.

Season 4: Troy/Britta was awkward and boring, but I still really like the whole styling of this season?? 10/13 episodes bring me joy. Changnesiac Chang (or "Kevin," as he liked to be called) is my second-favorite version. And that musical LSD episode made my life. (We can go anywhere in a balloon!)

Season 1: A typical first season in which a lot of it is definitely funny, but everyone also regularly comes across as too awkward and young and inexperienced for it to feel like the real show. It's not as over the top and ridiculous in the way that makes this show great. Also, Jeff/Britta is way forced. I do enjoy Chang as an evil professor, though.

Season 5: At least half of it is pretty uninspiring and blah to me (I did not dig the restructuring born of everyone's lives falling apart after graduation; also, GO AWAY, HICKEY), and I really miss Troy, but when it hits -- mostly with its AU episodes -- it is brilliant. Plus Pierce is finally gone.

Season 6: to be fair, I am only three episodes in, but I am still not digging the way Frankie sticks out like a tacked-on character. [edit: I finished the series and yeah...Frankie got better but never properly fit in, and the whole tone and pacing born of not having to edit themselves down to 22 minutes made everything drag]
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