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Ranking the Seasons, Day 3: CSI: Miami

Previously on this meme: Community. Also, there is absolutely no discernible pattern to the shows I'm releasing -- just whatever order I could coherently form thoughts to my satisfaction. However, you can always request a show!

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

CSI: Miami
Season 2: Hazarding a guess that this is my favorite based on the combination of strong Horatio/Yelina vibes and Susie and Madison, plus the feeling that most of my favorite classic episodes appeared in this season. But I also remember it feeling like the show just kept improving in the beginning, so idk.

Season 3: As above, for all I know Horatio/Yelina improved this year after Stetler got tossed out and it should be first. If so, the fact that we got earnest and eager newbie Ryan (remember how lanky he was at the beginning?) would justify it, plus the Madison's Leukemia storyline (a real shame that was dropped) and the high powered finale.

Season 1: "The Dark Season" is how I jokingly refer to it, as it hadn't yet gotten its Technicolor Miami vibrancy, but I never got why people were so down on this show from the beginning because it's dark in a serious sense. I think it is a real admirable piece of television. Many classic episodes.

Season 4: This used to be my favorite because Horatio/Marisol eclipsed all. It has now been long enough that I can admit the overall quality did start to dip here (especially with Mole-a Vista)...but I will love Marisol until the day I die and continue to enjoy most of this season when I see it in reruns.

Season 5: And here the quality nosedived...but I will always have the wonderful unicorn of quality that was No Man's Land/Man Down 2-parter where Eric got shot. I don't even care that I can't remember anything else that happened this year other than the premiere; that alone is worth it.

Season 7: I dunno, I remember a few fairly decent episodes, mostly thanks to Eric/Calleigh, but also that fun one with the horses. Also, this was the year we got Darling Tara in the morgue.

Season 10: I liked Calleigh's pursuit of adopting the adorable kids...there were some interesting episodes I think...? And then there was Lovely Lab Tech Sam!

Season 6: Remember that time Horatio found out he randomly had a teenage son by unstable and heretofore unheard of ex, Julia, from when he was undercover?

Season 9: As boring and badly acted as season 6, but now with Walter the Giant. Its only redeeming factor was Memmo showing up a few times to remind us of Marisol.

Season 8: Replacing Adam Rodriguez with Eddie Cibrian AND Walter the Giant was so bad I literally didn't even watch most of this season. Granted, the episodes Delko WAS in were better than basically all of seasons 6, 9 and 10, but I gotta punish where punishment is due.

*this post was scheduled on April 10. I may or may not actually be around when it posts.
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