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Ranking the Seasons, Day 4: The Office

Previously on this meme: CSI: Miami.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

The Office
Season 4: Despite the ugh-tastic Andy/Angela undercurrent and a pair of duds in Survivorman/The Deposition, I have a big ol' soft spot for THE JIM AND PAM SHOW that this season was (with bonus Corporate Douche Ryan! And Jan the only way I truly know her: loony). I'm still mad it got strike-shortened.

Season 9: We got rid of the horrible bosses, Jim and Pam had a central storyline the whole way through, we had Nellie being glorious, we had Pete, Pete made Erin tolerable and even enjoyable...I really think the only thing it did wrong, aside from go a little too hard on making me fear for the Halpert marriage on Valentine's Day, was have too much focus on Angela's gay husband.

Season 2: Humor has never been this show's strong suit to me, but this is one of its funnier years. And I really enjoy Jim and Pam's early interactions, when the superfluous love interest is meant to be unlikable and disposable, because Pining Jim is so wonderful, and watching Pam slowly fall in love without admitting it is a great beauty to behold.

Season 7: Not only is there a baby around to make Jim and Pam even more attractive, this is year of many series highlights: Michael's proposal and goodbye, Classy Christmas, my weird fondness for Andy's Play, WUPHF.COM, Dwight K. Schrute Acting Manager, glorious champion of my heart "Viewing Party," and of course, THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT. Where would the world be without Threat Level Midnight? (makes all the girlies feel all right!)

Season 1: I genuinely like these first six. I think they have the right mix of humor, Jim v. Dwight, sentimentality and charm, Jim/Pam shippiness -- and bonus Amy Adams!

Season 3: Every time I so much as think about voluntarily watching an episode from this season, my skin bursts into flames as I scream "NO, NOT JIM/KAREN!!!" There is no greater salt-in-wound agony to my being than iconic soulmates being with other people after having admitted their feelings to each other. It's like watching Jim cheat. Every episode, every time. He and Pam are so clearly ALREADY MARRIED that for them to even act like they are just friends at this point is both bizarre and makes me die a little inside. However: Ryan/Kelly is on point, and in general, there are a ton of funny episodes. I know there are because I re-realize this every time I see a rerun and end up enjoying at least 80% of it.

Season 6: I am one of the very few people who enjoyed Co-Manager Jim. Sure, he failed a lot, but at least David Wallace had faith in him! Plus, Pam being pregnant brought immeasurable joy to my heart. "The Delivery" is still one of my favorite episodes of all time, although the season kind of languished in a directionless manner after that. Even though I will always have a soft spot for Gabe. And Jo's dogs.

Season 5: Between Pam being away at art school (that awful part-time job...that awful Mad Men douche...), cloning Michael Scott in female form, and the Michael Scott Paper Company (I legit hate that more than I hate Jim/Karen), I don't like a whole lot of this season. To be fair, it has some supremely amazing Jim/Pam episodes (the premiere, the house-buying episode, the finale), I just find a lot of them hard to watch the whole way through without wincing. Plus, the Charles Miner issue: the man is amazing (why couldn't Angela marry him!), but it is so hard to simultaneously watch Jim fall on his face over and over and over again.

Season 8: I was SO EXCITED to see Michael Scott go, but Robert California was actually worse. All weird and dry and boring. And then there was the mess that was Erin/Andy. There are only a handful of episodes I get excited about seeing when this reruns, and all of them involve Florida. Although I did appreciate Pam and Angela being pregnant at the same time ("Big Pregs & Little Pregs!" is one of my all-time favorite lines).

*this post was scheduled on April 10. I may or may not actually be around when it posts.
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