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Ranking the Seasons, Day 5: How I Met Your Mother

Previously on this meme: The Office.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

What I like about this meme with respect to comedies is that it's not necessarily how I felt when things were originally airing, but with the power of syndication I have more reliable evidence as to what constitutes "best."

Season 5: BARNEY/ROBIN. "Best Night Ever (Then We Played Charades)." THE PLAYBOOK. Newly minted Professor Mosby. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH! *whip*" The 100th Episode. The Wedding Bride. And even though I don't much care for Don and his lack of chemistry with Robin or natural charisma, I love the scripts in the slew of episodes he's in. Also: ROBOTS versus WRESTLERS. There are maybe 3 or 4 out of 24 episodes I don't love.

Season 4: Slow to start, but as soon as Stella disappears every episode is on fire. The Woo Girls, the Naked Man, Jenkins, The Fight ("I'm always punching guys. Girls. I'll punch a baby, I don't care.")... Karen's arrival is especially glorious. Also, "The Three Days Rule" is one of my all-time favorites. I quote it every Easter. Plus, y'know, pining Barney. Smashing TVs to vent his feelings about Ted and Robin hooking up and whatnot.

Season 2: Even though it contains one of my two least favorite episodes in the entire series, there are also only 5 episodes I dislike. The rest of them are pretty much uniformly hilarious or wonderfully sentimental. And then there's the best episode ever, "Slap Bet."

Season 3: Man I love Single Ted. I don't love Stella quite as much, but the pre-strike portion of this year is wonderful. Gael is awefsome. Britney Spears is surprisingly good. And then there's Blah Blah, who helps introduce us all to the Hot/Crazy Scale.

Season 6: ZOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though it crashes and burns when Nora appears and the Daddy Drama dials up to 11, that actually happens way later than I always assume it does.

Season 1: in which everyone is a fresh-faced and inexperienced young'un, and I am always surprised by how funny the show is anyway, and/or how many classic episodes aired early on. (the slutty pumpkin, the duel, Zip Zip Zip, Barney's Secret Hippie Past...)

Season 8: On the downside, there's The Autumn of Pointless Relationships, Marshall and Lily have a baby, and Ted won't shut his stupid jealous mouth. On the other hand, from the moment Robin gets interested in Barney again, it is generally beautiful times. Also, at least Ted and Victoria are really pleasant to watch until they break up -- and later on, we'll meet Jeanette in a Stalk-Crazy! (P.S. I love you).

Season 9: Some days I love the concept, others I hate it. The scenes with The Mother definitely outweigh most of those at the wedding.

Season 7: between Kevin, Nora, Quinn, Lily's dad, and the surprising boredom that was Lily's pregnancy, there is not a lot to recommend this. This season gave us the smokin' hotness of "Groove is in the Heart" and the unparalleled glory of "Mosbius Designs Has Failed" (both in the premiere), the slutty pumpkin's return was fun, and I really loved that episode with the Russians. The end.

In related news, I've been listening to "How I Met Your Music: Deluxe Edition" a lot, specificaly the "You're All Alone" instrumental, and tonight I saw the episode it's featured in (Time Travelers) and, having totally forgotten how that bizarre episode ends, proceeded to cry my eyes out. Good times.

P.S. You know, I would not be opposed if anyone wanted to rank the seasons in their own order in the comments section.
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