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I want to talk about thiiiiiings.

But I can't remember what I have to say. So I will fall back on my usual standby.

2 Broke Girls and the High Hook-up
OH MAN. YES. YES. I am ALL ON BOARD with hot new Irish-Indian busboy over whom Max cannot stop salivating. He distracts me from Caroline's sad hair, which looks so much shorter and unflattering when it's ironed straight. Hair that straight needs to fall in a sleek, elegant waterfall of "upper back or lower" to be eyecatching. Also, Jo continues to be here and be delightful, making me wish this show would just fire the half of its cast necessary to move to The High full time and leave the diner behind. I would sacrifice Hot Busboy for that.

But seriously, I loved her throwing hundreds at money-high Caroline.

Well, that was the first time this season a vote has been painful. Jenn is still the best, though. I don't get why the internet is ragging on her -- what I loved about her in this episode is that everything she's saying makes so much sense. It IS a joyless suck to be there right now. It's a joyless suck just watching it for an hour each week from comfortable quarters. The only nice people besides Joe -- who obviously wasn't going to be there long -- are Tyler and Carolyn, and she doesn't have strong bonds with them because they're just different ages and personality types. Sierra, maybe, would be likable, but not in a way that makes up for all the other grinding people.

I especially loved her being upset about the chickens ("They're pretty much my chickens at this point"), because Rodney can mock with his tiny chicken brain all he wants, of course they are her closest friends at this point. The chickens are quiet, nice, gentle, calming and cute. And she should be upset when her tribe members just come along and grab them for protein. I realy liked, though, that at least of what we were shown, she didn't try to fight it. That would have just made her a target for scorn and ire. Instead, I liked how she vented to the camera all down in the doldrums, and just generally looked unhappy. (Seriously, camera guys, stop showing us close ups of animal carcasses. I am a person who, with all appropriate  guilt, ate chicken less than an hour before this episode and seeing the feet still put me off. And now to cut myself off before I go on my thousandth guilt spiral of 'I would not eat meat if it was even remotely connected to the image of a breathing animal' which ultimately ends with me being suicidal.)

I quite enjoyed the swimming element of the reward challenge, particularly Will rolling headfirst down the slanted platform with his arms at his sides, looking spectacularly like a lazy sea lion. I would not have loved the "chocolate bar" reward, though. Even when you're eating a healthy diet, there's only so much chocolate you can eat at one sitting before you start to fill sick. The only solid alternative, popcorn, would not help that feeling. Like, maybe one or two Snickers would have been worth it for the nuts, and maybe a Dove chocolate for the proper chocolate experience, but then I would have quit. (Also, I could not stop laughing at how Product Placement-y the chocolate was. I didn't know ordinary Snickers & stuff could feel that way. Usually on TV, I find it super distracting when they don't have such commonplace brands and instead go out of their way to make up weird fake wrappers.)

I have no idea how Tyler won that immunity challenge, but it was cool. I feel like I would not have won that challenge, but I could have put in a good effort. I walk around on my toes all the time, have pretty good balance, and do so much walking in general that I have pretty good calf muscles, especially compared to all the other muscles in my body.

Also, curse it all, but Rodney's impressions were hilarious. He really nailed that obnoxious vocal-chords-being-scraped-raw-until-you-want-to-gag-him-for-his-own-good grating sound of Mike's voice.

Criminal Minds catchup
Beyond Borders: In which the spinoff helpfully exists as part of the regular show so I don't have to make any extra effort to watch it and find out if I like it. Good news, not even Suddenly Aged Gary Sinise is a big enough draw to make me care about watching it ever again. I just really find that I do not enjoy watching Anna Gunn. She's got a real bland style about her that defines "white bread" for me, and that's a term I have never used or understood to mean anything other than a consumable loaf of low-nutrient bread. It also drags down anyone who's acting opposite her (see also, David Tennant).

Good plot, though. I enjoyed the rest of the international team for the course of one episode.

10x20, A Place at the Table: holy gruesome and depressing. By far the most gruesome gore work I've seen this show do in a season or two. Hard to look at but harder to look away. Also a twisty, twisty plot. I am curious as to why the son agreed to tie up his family members, though. Be a hero, yell "RUN!" and charge the dude with the gun. You'll probably die, but the odds of him hitting all four family members on the run before they make it out of sight seems low.
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