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In which I learn nothing from my reflections on my time at college, and write more about TV.

-Lately I have found that my annoyed epithet of choice is "Screw you, Abed!", complete with Jeff's voice. This is definitely related to watching the "drugs are bad" episode of Community twice this week. It works for everything from actual people I'm annoyed with to general frustration like being unable to find something in my room.

-I have been watching The Odd Couple every week because it's better than nothing, but I find myself disappointedly unable to connect with it and don't care whether or not it is renewed. I want it to be better than The Millers, but I'm starting to suspect it is not. It's lukewarm funny; I feel like all of Oscar's lines are just really SHOUTY AND OVERWROUGHT, with a sort of forced crankiness, while not-Shirley feels more like window dressing, only there to say a few lines to connect other bits of dialogue. They are so much worse than 30 Rock in terms of "these characters are clearly actors reciting lines and not real people."

-I have actually found myself more interested in "Mom," ever since Bonnie fell off the wagon (I watched that one by accident, but have made deliberate choices to watch ever since). I still think it's a tonally weird show, trying too hard to have a serious side with shallow and cartoonish characters -- but Bonnie's much wackier and more fun to watch when not sober. I don't think this is the correct message to send, but I'll take it. Some of the quality improvement has definitely come from getting rid of the boring kids, too, and focusing more on the other women in the support group.

2 Broke Girls and the Hideous Canary Bridesmaid Dresses

I've had no interest in Sophie's wedding nonsense so far this year, but dresses are the one exciting thing about wedding planning, so I had a lot of fun with the show trying to outdo itself in the ugly department, and just the whole atmosphere of dress-shopping. And even more exciting: we got see Max's Face of Genuine Concern and Emotions thanks to Sofie crying in a dressing room. It's been so long since I've seen that face. Lately I've been starting to worry that as the show ages, she's turned more and more into a sarcastic/dirty insult machine instead of a rough-edged person with a heart and feelings underneath. It was nice to see evidence to the contrary.

Next I'd like to see Caroline stop occupying the role of Meg on Family Guy. Constant, unwarranted hate and disdain for clearly pleasant people gets very old, very quickly.

In other news, I've never actually watched Scorpion, but I'm watching it tonight in hopes I will get to see one of the obnoxious characters die in real time. I don't actually know if he's going to die or live or if it will be a cliffhanger ending, I'm just hoping for the former.Based on the previews, absolutely everyone other than Kat McPhee on that show is beyond annoying and since CBS is the only channel I watch and I therefore see loads of previews every week, the more of them we take out, the better.

Update: it's been 35 exhausting minutes and so far my hypothesis is correct (Toby is the only one who seems potentially tolerable, and that is 50% residual love from Til Death). I didn't even know that child existed but he's quickly proving to be the second most annoying one on the show. It's also become pretty clear this idiot will not die and I could probably quit now and spare myself**. On the bright side, I was super excited to see David Wallace running a meeting around a conference table again.

**but then I wouldn't have gotten to see SAVIOR DOGGETT, heroically descending with angelic backlighting and hand outstretched like God on the Sistine Chapel

Edit: this other bit from Tumblr isn't the best part, but it is still hilarious:

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