RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This Week's Happenings

I am so ridiculously excited for this week to happen. Look at all the things going on!

Tuesday: there was nothing exciting planned for today -- just working to get on pace for the rest of the week -- but I I found a DELIGHTFUL buy at the dollar store: 8-can packs of sparkling water in delicious exotic flavors of mango peach pineapple and strawberry dragonfruit. That's actually less per ounce than the 32-ounce bottles at Target.

Wednesday: (POSSIBLY) Library sale 25 miles away. You know...just in case I can't wait 24 more hours to get started on the book joy.

Thursday-Friday: Library sale in my county, library sale in neighboring county, estate/garage sales, plus I will be in the area of the Goodwill that always has the best books on 20-cent-books-with-X color-tag day.

Saturday: Trash-to-Treasure day in my town (free stuff on curbs), bag sale at neighboring county's sale, meeting Chris in the evening to watch Community

Sunday: Bag sale at my county's library

Now all I have to do is figure out which day(s) to bring Chris with me to the book sales. He has Fridays off, which would be best, but I just cannot willingly sacrifice the entire first day to wait for him, and he can't fit in the time on Thursday. OTOH, I hate to make the 20-mile round trip two days in a row instead of saving the second trip for the bag sale. OTOOH, it would be nicer to him to not make him wait until Leftover Pickings day. And I also know he'd much rather go with me than go alone, even if the pickings are better (whereas I'm like OH LOOK BOOKS GOODBYE FOREVER).

Probably I will just resign myself to driving more miles this week/end than I did on the round trip to St. Ben's last weekend.

In other news, I learned there is a small and widely condemned but definitely existent shoplifting community on Tumblr, and I spent a large part of my evening scrolling through its' members blogs in fascinated disgust.

The thrifty side of me is like, okay, I understand the thrill of a good "deal," and the resultant pile of loot like some sort of modern-day pirate finding buried treasure. It's even more mesmerizing because of the shininess of how new and often upscale everything is. That's the part that kept looking for an hour. But that part is drowned out by the "HEY. HEY. HEY. YOU IDIOT. Theft =/= deal and decent people get hurt" side, which just really wants someone to doxx these spoiled and self entitled teenagers/early 20-somethings and get their asses arrested on the basis of "they literally admitted their guilt, right here, with photographic evidence."

And there's another part of me that is just sad these people aren't willing to scrounge up a small pile of extra dollars and get their high from a legitimate score at Goodwill or a garage sale. Especially garage sales. Instead of researching how to remove tags and which stores have the best/worst security, what if they devoted their time to mapping out the most efficient route of top-tier sales they could get to by bike, if not car/bus/on foot? I promise you that could be as much as a 4-hour-a-week job, not counting the time actually going to the sales.

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