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A Preview Of Book Treasures

I keep forgetting what I have and haven't photographed. Probably next time I should just skip the photography part and just list my finds, so I at least have something. This post is an attempt to rectify that. I'll be listing things as I stumble across them (often literally) in my room.

This is a really wonderful sale on Summit Avenue (a.k.a. St. Paul's Historic Street of Fancy Mansions), and even though you only get to go into the semi-finished basement of the American Association of University Women's building, it's the closest I'm ever going to get to any of them. in person. I've seen it listed for years, but based on the name I always had this idea that it was all textbooks and women's studies/feminist-themed books instead of what it actually is -- community-donated books. They even had a bookshelf of "collectible" fiction from the first half of the 20th century, no more expensive than the others, though it was all adult fiction and quite bland-looking. Plus a doubly-big shelf of "vintage mysteries." (even more boring, but all hardcover)

The children's/YA section was quite dismal, at least by the time I got there, but I scored in the wildlife/nature section with a pair of beautifully illustrated 1960s books:

The Big Book of Dogs
I've seen this listed online. Its Sad Clown Dog cover is super ugly, but the pictures inside are much more realistic and truly gorgeous.

The Big Book of Wild Animals
Unrelated to the above, this is a 250-page selection of animal stories from a mix of both adult and juvenile fiction, but in a style I think would be enjoable fo all ages. The illustrations are really neat -- they sort of look like clay, or mud, just a few colors and sort of abstract. A very African style.

Inkdeath: Half Price for $2. I always see the first two in the trilogy, but never the third. Finally!

Dear Readers and Riders - Marguerite Henry
This came from an estate sale it took me like 20 minutes of driving to find because there were NO signs on any of the main roads and you had to go a ways down a side road before you saw the first arrow directing you. The sale initially pleased me due to a huge bookshelf of older books, but they were 50% religious texts and 50% just a lot of boring nonfiction like politics, foreign countries and memoirs of people I've never heard of. There wasn't much in the rest of the sale either, just a ton of wood carvings and some kitchen stuff. I grew frustrated I had worked so hard to find this dumb sale.

But then -- oh -- in the corner, exactly one book aimed at a juvenile audience, and it's a Henry hardcover. I picked it up fondly, making a sad noise that I already had this one. And then all the gears finished clicking in my brain and I realized NO I DID NOT, this is one I do NOT have, and more importantly it's one I desperately want that is kinda hard to find (current low price online is $9.50). And it was mine for ONE DOLLAR.

Lone Fox: I was guilted into buying this for $6.42 from an antique store. It is really not worth more than half that to me. But I was having a really great day, I hadn't bought any books in a while, and I just went with it because it was nice to see a book that I had genuine interest in at an antique store which didn't also cost an arm and a leg. If nothing else, it's cool that it was printed in Great Britain and has woodcut black and white illustrations. Looks like typical wild-animal xenofiction but aimed at an adult audience.

Spit McGee: 20 cents at Goodwill because it was in nice condition and I've always considered reading this.

You Have Seven New Messages: $2 at Goodwill because I've been wanting to read this, I was in a good mood, and I didn't mind splurging because I pretended I was buying it at a real bookstore (that's how good its condition was), and that was a nice feeling.
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