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Fuller House

In other news, what kind of cruel person would revive Full House on the basis of "The series will center on DJ as a widowed mother who is also pregnant." WHAT KIND OF PERSON. I do not remember a lot about Full House so I don't know how old she was when it ended, but I vaguely recall her having a boyfriend at some point, so at this point I'm just hoping that I don't have to ALSO be sad about a ruined endgame romance, either by confirming she didn't get back together with him after college and built a family with someone else, or that they were fine except for him now being dead. (some browsing on Wikipedia is making me feel like I have no strong feelings about that boyfriend, which makes me feel better, so I just hope everyone else is ok too)

Also, since apparently Stephanie will be moving in, I presume that means she isn't happily romantically involved with anyone at the moment either, to which I say why don't you want these wonderful girls to have nice things.

(Side note: I also feel like someone is underestimating the appeal of Full House's original dynamic, a single dad w/ daughters vs. the current setup of a single mom with sons. Not least because girls are wonderful characters at all ages, and boys are usually the opposite of that. Also, and this may be the most important part, will they have a dog? Because Comet was clearly the star of that show, yet no one has mentioned such a thing even though they have time to mention hanger-on Kimmy Gibler. I kid. I love her. I'm just saying, a dog is more important.)

I vote for blackmailing an Olsen into being the token single aunt, and making the house full because either DJ or Stephanie has a husband overseas (WHERE HE DOESN'T DIE) and/or are having some financial issues and decided it'd be less expensve to live together.

Once more hoping and praying that by the time Glee is old enough to have its characters dragged back into its existence, people are over the whole "super belated revival" craze.
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