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First of all, I have broken my week-long addiction to A&E's "Hoarders" after watching 2.05, whereupon I NOPED on out of there.It was painful to watch the woman coping with memories of childhood sexual abuse constantly having simultaneously secondhand embarrassing and sympathetic emotional meltdowns/anxiety attacks (especially while also hearing the Type A psychologist, Dr. Z?, whom I really do not like, be all "we don't have time for that, shut it down and focus on cleaning for the next two days"), and it was way worse to watch the second woman lose all her pets.

I know that it is not a healthy environment in the slightest for dogs to live in cages and/or run around a house where their waste isn't picked up. But that did not stop it being heartbreaking to hear her say that as bad as it was to have her children taken away, "At least I know where they are, and that they're coming home. I'll never see the dogs again." (true)

I didn't even cry, I just felt yucky and drained, which is a sign it's time to move on.

I have moved on to devouring three different types of books about hoarders (a novel, a memoir and a regular nonfiction book) in as many days, ostensibly because I am going to get moving on this spring-cleaning project any moment now, but I overate today and now feel python-like. It's taking most of my energy to stay upright long enough to type something of ostensible value. So without further ado:

Survivor x2:
Last Week: In the moment, I gotta give props to Will for knowing how to go for the jugular like a lethal puma. When you can punish someone for crossing you by DESTROYING them with a few expertly placed emotional slashes, it is both satisfying and impressive (see also: Finn outing Santana; why I was never bullied as a child). Making stuff ~personal~ is a totally valid war tactic, and "war" is defined as "any disagreement between two or more persons."  However, it's not cool if you reduce someone (especially a girl) to tears AND keep going after that point. It's also not cool that he kept being all high-n-mighty and acting Totally Right, Super Justified instead of apologizing. Especially in the face of continued tears.

I would like to make this point in particular to people who still think Reed's speech (including the "wicked stepmother" line, which seems pretty personal, albeit accidentally) is TOTES JUSTIFIED AND AWESOME just because Missy didn't cry. So in that respect, Shirin was 1000% percent justified in petty vindictiveness by preventing him from getting his letter.

Dan continues to be one of the grossest human beings ever and Mike is working my last nerve. I'm at the point where I think I LIKE Rodney. My mom doesn't understand, and I'm just like, "He's vaguely charming!" Remember when he had his arm around Mama C? He might be sexist, but at least I don't particularly get a wife beater sense from him anymore. Also, remember his hilarious impressions? Carolyn is wise to work with a probably-non-vote-getter to the end.

Case in point on disliking Mike, how come we had to listen to him -- or was it Dan? They blend together as one windbag in my memory -- voiceover for like two minutes straight while that glorious auction went on, silently, in a backdrop montage? I was so frustrated and ready to punch him in the voice box. See, there's that tactical violent streak again justifying Dan's comments that upset Shirin so much a few weeks back.

Anyway, you can imagine my general despair when we lost Jenn and the biggest reason to watch Survivor -- after all my futile hopes she's go final four after all! -- were dashed to the ground. My only consolation prize was the idea that at least Ponderosa would be a merry place for her when she arrived, nothing but luxury and friends with no outsiders. And just to prove her point as the most wonderful person on the planet, in her letter from home, she got all giddy that her family sent pictures of her animals. I dont know why we didn't get to focus more on that instead of watching Dan blubber.

I still don't get Jenn's complaint that Carolyn is "fake," and certainly not her daming claim that she hates her the same way she hates Dan, but I'm willing to overlook it.

This week: Yep, this show is already 90% more joyless and devoid of humor. I don't know how I am going to move forward, except by admiring the distinguished handsomeness that is Tyler's face and the brains behind it. I have even pushed him up above Carolyn in my esteem at this point.

In other news, Mike and Dan continue to have the same horse-race battle for Unpleasantness Champion that Max and Shirin used to have for annoyance. My mom keeps saying how much she's grown to like Shirin. I continue to dig in my heels about once an annoyance, always an annoyance; you can't change your first impression unless it is for reasons of extreme added handsomeness/beauty or rare cases subject to my personal approval as Empress of the World. I will not fall for your editing lies. I am a thousand percent more delighted to see her go than to lose Tyler.

Especially since Shirin tried to do a lot of ~omg, no one told Will he was wrong or should apologize; THEY ARE COMPLICIT IN THE GUILT~ shaming, which just made me roll my eyes. You being attacked does not negate your annoyance.

I will allow that tribal council voting craziness was, in fact, spectacularly exciting, but the thrill faded quickly since all it did was cast heat on the only person I like while making two people I can't stand look very smug and full of themselves.
In Survivor-related news, a fun group dance to Oh Honey's "Be Okay," including one Reed Kelly* on the left hand side, bringing back all the joy (long forgotten in SYTYCD burnout) of watching choreographed group numbers:

*I never dreamed I would say this, but I feel like a haircut is in order. Just a little one. Not only is it forming a triangle shape, the frizzy moptop flying back and forth is actually distracting me from his form, and not in a good way.
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