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Geek Love Wins

Okay, so the CSI finale?  Not so much with the squee factor, unless you're totally unspoiled.  Then it would have been major squee. 
Um, presuming you believe in Grissom and Sara, AS EVERYONE SHOULD.  *lords canon over everyone else*

But WE already knew they were together.  I, influenced by a large contingency of other supporters, was thinking along the lines of "heartfelt dialogue" at the very least, and preferably a touch, an embrace, even a kiss?  Seriously, we were anticipating major stuff that would kill the need for fan fiction writing.  It served as irrefutable canon, which IS something, but still.  It was not particularly special.  I was majorly disapointed.  I know I shouldn't have been, but, I was.

Then there was a lot of other crap about a case that would have been massively interesting at any other time during this dull and boring year, but not now because I was only interested in GSR or Brass drama, and Brass drama, we scarcely got any.  So non-dramatic.  Sigh.  They even had a B-plot case.  A boring B-plot!!

Final hospital scene was cute, but Sara really should have hugged Nick.  Because then there could have been icons made for the Snickers people, and even though it's the third ship down in my list for this show, it still ranks higher than Swarrick.  Oh well.  I like hugs of every sort.  They should happen on TV more often.

And there WERE huge spoilers about Lindsey that did not pan out, though considering the foreshadowing phone call I guess they are going to be saved and brought out for the season premiere instead.

Overall Opinion: Boring as hell, a fitting end to a crappy season.  Which is pretty sad, considering that last year's finale was so awesome it turned me from a longterm faithful but casual viewer into a full-fledged internet fan.

Season the Sixth has one lone jewel, a sadly Grissom-less episode called "Gum Drops," and then it has a smattering of slightly better eps (mostly the last half-dozen), but all of them would be outstripped by better episodes in earlier seasons, if you ranked them all together.

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