RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My LJ homepage did a thing.

Also, I have been super absent and busy like crazy and SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED both on TV and in real life that I desperately want to talk about, but right now I am super mired in work (I am working this weekend, so it's nonstop on the day front, and now I am working at the test-scoring place at night so that's another 6 hours I can't be online, between getting ready and the commute).

Edit: let me add some of the random things into this post:

2. My local Savers (less than 2 miles away) closed without warning. Well, they warned me literally 4 days ahead of time to say that everything in the store was 50% off, but I was so busy that I didn't see it until like 3 hours before the end, and I had already made plans with Chris that evening. I am sad not only about the loss of the store (it was more expensive than Goodwill, but the 50% off days were great, and more importantly it had pretty jewelry. Goodwill's jewelry is almost non-existent and what's there is TERRIBLE), but the fact that it made it so easy to donate stuff -- just walk up and drop it a bin outside the front door. Everywhere else, you have to drive up to the donation door and wait for an attendant to take it.

3. This is my favorite text exchange with boyfriend in recent memory, after I couldn't find my phone and he couldn't find his keys for the whole day.

Me: Phone phound. Phew.
Him: Keys still missing. We might have some questions for Ol' Flippy down at the station.

The Next Day
Him: It was in the jacket I forgot I wore. Ha.
Me: Awesome - mine was in the jeans I forgot I wore. I think they planned this to throw us off the trail. I also think we might be writing a children's book.
Him: Flippy and Jingles Take A Day Off

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