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You know what the second best part of my week was? American Idol.

Because MELINDA WENT HOME.  I feel it's important to put that up front, because it is just the most INCREDIBLE news ever, and HAH!  HAH!  HAH!  I told you she was not ZOMG FANTASTIC, didn't I?  Didn't I??
Voice: To be fair, you also told them Antonella and Sanjaya were heaven on earth, so you can understand why they might not trust your judgment.
RS: Oh, Voice.  It's like we're Ryan and Simon!  *pause* Without the slashy subtext.
V: *bats eyelashes* I'm perfectly open-minded.  And it's surpassed "sub" by now. 
RS: *kicks* 

Thoughts typed up from memory notes TWoP/Recapist recaps  carefully following the running commentaries by dollsome and lessthangreat (ding ding ding!)


*When the video montage came on to promote the American Idol tour, I was having fun realizing " retrospect, most of these people weren't that bad!"  The Idol concert would probably be fun this year.  I will now double over laughing at the idea of me attending a live concert.  It's a completely foreign concept to me; I have no idea where one would even begin going about doing something like that.   It sounds about as feasible for the average person as climbing Mt. Everest.

*I didn't really think I was going to care about seeing everybody visit their hometowns...but then I couldn't stop smiling during Jordin's whole trip.  How crazy would it be to visit your high school and suddenly have your own classmates, including the cheerleaders, rallying around you?  Loved her freaking out about having a square in the mall.  "I used to work here!!"  And the segment with her best friend was so sweet and emotional I had to look away before I started crying.  In conclusion: Jordin is love.  Despite the fact that the show isn't even over yet, she is already a name on my "albums to buy" list.

*Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, you know how I complained about Jordin's old-fashioned song on Tuesday?  Well, turns out I got it stuck in my head, which had me humming "I Who Have Nothing" all day, long until I finally bought the stupid track just to hear her voice for real.  And now I'm sort of addicted to it.  Because Jordin is love.  Or crack, take your pick.   

*Blake was equally lovable and charming and adorable on his home visit.  I love his dad.  I laughed myself silly when he was up there with Sir Mix-a-Lot.  I am really wishing I had taped this stupid hour, or at least taken notes, because I know I had more to say than this.

*Melinda's trip home did not stir any particular emotion in me, other than annoyance at her church.  Gospel singing.  The epitome of the genre of music I most despise.

*Lame music video.  Lame.  Speaking of which, I finally went to the website and discovered I could watch them all at my leisure... My favorite of the season is an impossible tie between the Wild West sheriffs and the circus sideshow.

*I was all excited to see Maroon 5 perform, because...well, mostly because they're a band I actually know, which has one great song ("She Will be Loved") and at least one more decent one...but then they did this horrible song with cursing.  Bleeped-out cursing, but that's still pretty bad.  Also, I found out how creepy-looking the lead singer is, thus confirming my longstanding opinion that bands should be heard and not seen, and therefore have no reason to go on tour or give concerts anywhere, ever. 

*You know who WAS fantastic?  Elliott Yamin.  Okay, wow.  I more or less ignored the show entirely last year, but thanks to Mom I still knew who most of the contestants were.  Mostly, I remember being annoyed that someone with scraggly facial hair and icky close-cropped hair had been kept on the show so long.  APPEARANCE, PEOPLE.  IT IS IMPORTANT.   (though strangely, I never noticed his teeth) He made it all the way to third place?  Oh, hell no.  I geared up my Elliott hate as the doors opened, and...oh my.  He has curls.  He has Josh Groban-esque curls which are rendering me helpless to look away.  No, wait, I can still resist because I will hate his song.  Right?  Right??  Oh, no, apparently I will love that too.  And sit very still to hear it, and applaud at the end.  And then kick the next day when it doesn't have any of his music.   What was this song called, anyway?  I don't even remember how it went, I just know I liked it.

*MELINDA WENT HOME.  HOME HOME HOME!  I NEVER HAVE TO HEAR HER SING AGAIN!  *throws confetti in air*  Now we can have a finale full of Blake and Jordin, exactly how I always wanted it to be after Alaina, Antonella, Brandon, Gina, and Sanjaya were thrown off!  And strictly speaking, once Antonella was gone (and possibly even slightly before), I had pegged Jordin as an all-around favorite.  I'm still utterly shocked that I got my way.  I should never doubt the power of the silent voters; they got President Bush re-elected, after all.  ;)

The thing of it is, the last time I actually liked both contestants in the final two was, um, way back in season 1 with Justin and Kelly.  (why yes, I DID like their movie.)  That was the last time I didn't care who won.  I liked Clay, not so much Reuben, though I was okay with him winning.  Fantasia v. Diana, on the other other hand, was multiple layers of ick, and was the deciding factor in my bailing on the show for good, even though I'd mostly stopped paying attention anyway.  Bo v. Carrie was boring, although she was pretty, and well, you know my feelings about Taylor Hicks.  Kat was my very favorite from the the beginning, even though I only saw one episode of the season, and I was shocked to learn she'd made final 2 while I wasn't watching.  But then, of course, she lost to Taylor Hicks and his stupid theatrics, which burned me up inside for a very, very long time.  But Taylor Hicks isn't on my "albums to buy" list, now, is he?

As for this year, I'd like to say I won't mind if Blake wins...and I won't, really...but I'm gonna have to gun it for Jordin because I love her the way the rest of the world loves Mindy '3rd place!' Doo. 

No, I really don't feel bad about the fact that I don't like her.
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