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I have been storing up a lot of TV-related thoughts. I'm actually like 2 weeks behind on ALL of my shows, even Survivor!, so some of these reactions are hilariously overdue, but you're going to pretend they are important anyway.

1. First of all, am I crazy or does this random person I know look a lot like Tyler on Survivor?

2. Second of all, I'm so glad I kept this particular Grey's Anatomy icon from 2007 around even after I stopped watching the show, because CHECK OUT HOW IT'S GOTTEN RELEVANT AGAIN.

I was spoiled for Derek's death via Entertainment Weekly -- the actual hard copy version that arrived in my mail, on a week when I was in a really great mood and had even been off the entertainment portion of the internet for like 3 days -- and promptly felt gutted. And then rageful. And then moderately relieved that I had accidentally stopped watching this show almost 3 years ago, so it didn't hurt as much. And then angry again, because what the *bleep*. (and that's the last time I bother bleeping in this section)

When I first read the headline, I thought, "Oh no. Has he gone and cheated on her? Does he have a secret family out of state he's leaving her for?" So I guess death is not quite as bad as that option? I was also seriously worried he might have killed himself with the way they said SHOCKING DEATH, so by comparison, a car accident victim is also not the worst way to go.

But it's still pretty bad. He survived a goddamn bullet to the heart and emergency surgery under less than ideal conditions, you showed me exactly how horrible it would be if he died within the next 20 years, and still you did this? I haven't bothered to read any of Shonda's response to criticisms, because she's a fucking asshole. There. I called her out on it.

I am so sick of her success and the smugness that comes with it. She likes when people react negatively and loudly, because stirring up hornet nests is apparently how she sees her job description. She clearly thinks that this is the goal of television, to shock people and do the unexpected and take ~risks~ and just...generally be an asshole. I now know for certain I am never going to catch up on the show, not if the longest lasting romance ends like that. You worked for this romantic success story. It took years to stabilize into something I could tolerate supporting. But it managed. Part of me will always be a little in love with McDreamy's face.

This is definitely a biased reaction, because I would not give two shakes of a lamb's tail if Meredith died. I'd even venture that Derek, Bailey and April are the only people left on this show I'd be upset to see die, and I'm not positive on Bailey. I'm pretty sure that just makes it worse. I don't know where I'm going with this rambling, really, but in sum: this is a garbage show with a garbage showrunner. Everything is garbage, and it's somehow been renewed. I need people to leave in droves next season. OR RIOT. Rioting seems to be a popular these days, let's reach out to the people who haven't participated yet.

3. In other news, ABC also renewed a bunch of non-garbage shows and that's cause to celebrate! I haven't investigated the details, but The Middle and Castle are both renewed! So was Nashville, which I continue to entertain extremely vague notions of watching someday. And The Goldbergs, which is boyfriend's favorite show.

In less exciting news: so was Galavant, which makes me roll my eyes, as I have not lost one crumb of my annoyance with their half-finished plot and super tacky ploy for a second season. And so was Modern Family which I genuinely cannot believe is still on, and at this point I just hope and pray that it does not last longer than The Office, because that would be the true American Crime.
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