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Ranking the Seasons, Day 6: CSI: New York

A long abandoned project, I know! I just found the working draft in My Documents, so I'm restarting it and then I'm gonna post & run.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

Season 5: It is not only All Angell All the Time, it's the point where Flack/Angell threw things into overdrive. This is also the year of Mac's tragic young stalker Ella; Tania Raymonde guest starring, Stella & Angell's Greek Takedown, Nazi Ed Asner, and the D/L marriage/baby.

Season 6: I genuinely love this season, even in the wake of heartbreak, because Flack's emotional state was emotional gold. Plus, I had Aubrey to perk up my shipping radar. Also, it had the legendary DEATH HOUSE, and that really great Rear Window episode where Peyton came back to stoke the shipping fires further. And in case all that was not enough, there was the entire finale devoted to nothing but threats (including to women and children), hurt and comfort.

Season 3: Long the unrivalled champion in my heart, it no longer contains my *favorite* ships, but it WAS a year of wonderful shippiness in the Mac/Peyton and Danny/Lindsay departments. The slow reveal of her tragic backstory is pret-ty great.

Season 2: I liked this enough to ask for it on DVD when DVDs were like $60. It was just a lot of good Danny/Lindsay banter plus solid episodes: the doll hospital, CSI: Miami crossover, Danny in the panic room, and the amazing May sweeps period, in which the stakes started with the tragedy of Danny's brother and kept right on escalating (All Access! Heroes! Charge of this Post!).

Season 1: I barely remember it, but I know I watched and enjoyed it. I particularly remember one with a horse? Also, I guess this was the only year Aiden was part of the team. I liked her.

Season 9: Christine is the beautiful light that saves this show. Well, her and the Flack/Levato relationship.

Season 4: an uneven season. I was often bored, but Angell brightened my days, and Danny/Lindsay still had some good episodes before Danny blew it all to hell. IDK, it might even be better than 9, but my Mac/Christine feelings are EXTREMELY strong.

Season 8: The 9/11 flashback premiere was great, the finale was even better, and pretty much everything else was dreadfully boring. Christine was the only thing that made it even slightly bearable.

Season 7: In which Jo showed up and sucked all the life right out of this show. The teaser of the premiere without her was amazing, and after that all I remember in the positive was an episode where Lindsay saw ghosts, Tessa in "The Untouchable," and that I picked up a couple of lifelong favorite songs in the first three episodes. By the end of the season I was desperately hoping for the show's cancellation.

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May. 13th, 2015 05:13 pm (UTC)
The S1 episode with the horse was "Officer Blue." I think. That was the name of the horse, anyway.

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