RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Thoughts...on television...I am having? Mostly negative.

  • Don't know what any of the new shows are except Supergirl, don't care about any of them. I have given up hope on ever again attain the television landscape mastery I had pre-2013. I think it means I'm growing as a person, but whatever.

  • CBS is going to be kind enough to give CSI a 2-hour movie to wrap up the series as apology for canceling the show that built their procedural network into what it is today without warning, which is honestly much more than I was expecting. Usually they just send their old and faithful workhorses to slaughter when they cease to be useful. Now if only I could bring myself to care. I mean, either they're going to put Grissom and Sara back together, and I will be angry at them for trying to be all "omg great love story for the ages with a romantic ending after all the obstacles, amiright??", or they're not and I will be angry at them for being unrepentant assholes. Which one is worse? Both. They're both worse.

  • The Mindy Project is cancelled. I would find this much more hilarious if I weren't 500% sure my obligations to watching it are not actually over. YOU ARE A BAD SHOW. SHUT UP AND BE DEAD. (to quote Big Jim Rennie)

  •   UPDATE: apparently it's already been rescued by Hulu. SHUT UP, HULU. Stop trying to make yourself happen.

  • Also, ugh, does this mean its episodes are going to be even longer? Community certainly isn't playing by the time limit rules on Yahoo, and it's been terrible, and that show came to the internet in much better shape.

  • American Idol is finally ending after next season. I always imagined what the world would be like in 2045 when this happened, at least for the first 8 years, and after that I thought I'd be really excited when it was over, but at this point I've honestly forgotten it's even still on. I don't know who any of the contestants for the past 3 seasons have been. It's as invisible as The Voice.

  • Reign has been renewed. I don't even know if people are considering this good news at this point, honestly.

  • The Odd Couple has been renewed. The one time I don't care, Matthew Perry finds success.

  • CSI: Cyber has also been renewed, for no conceivable reason I can see. Oh, the boredom! So much boredom that my mom and I have been known to just quit watching at the 75% mark more than once and not care who the guilty party is or why they did it. P.S. Ted Danson is not the part of CSI: Original Flavor that will incentivize me to continue.

  • Stalker is canceled, to no one's surprise. Whatever, ENTIRE WORLD. It was still my favorite show that aired in the regular 14-15 season.

  • Criminal Minds and Hawaii Five-0 are both renewed, the latter of which truly surprises me.

  • Survivor is renewed. I forgot I have to still watch out for that one, so phew.

  • All three NCIS shows are renewed. ...yay? I dunno. I think I will be relieved when the original ends.

  • The Mysteries of Laura was renewed, which is cool because I've been thinking about watching that one day maybe. I dunno. I just really miss Smash (specifically The Ladies Of) all the time, and Kat McPhee and Megan Hilty both severely underwhelmed in their subsequent TV projects; I can't be 0 for 3. P.S. It turns out the only show I still watch on NBC is Law & Order: SVU.

Tags: american idol, csi, csi: cyber, reign, stalker, the mindy project, the odd couple, upfronts

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