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A rant with accidental wordplay.

Pet peeve of the day: people who complain about people who complain about the price of adopting a shelter dog.I am so tired of reading "if you don't want to pay $250 up front, how are you going to afford food and vet care?" Well gee, one possibility is by not paying as much money up front. On the same principle: why did you buy your car secondhand instead of brand new? It still needs gas and oil changes, doesn't it? At least a brand new car would have come with free maintenance for two years.

I appreciate the good work shelters do, and I recognize the monetary and moral value of spaying as well as the importance of fees to keep the shelter running and support the care of not-yet-adopted dogs. If you can afford this (and by "can" I mean "it is numerically possible to do this without having less than the cost of food and fixed bills for the rest of the month in your bank account"), you should do it.

But if someone has exactly $200 to spend on a dog this month, I'm not going to get mad and say they should have waited and saved enough money for the adoption fee, instead of trying to get a cheap dog out of a cage NOW and spending the money they have on food and a traveling clinic visit.
In other news, I finished this season of Criminal Minds.

Penultimate episode: I thought I wrote about this, but I can't find it, so: that was one of the saddest victim deaths ever. I loved the mom & daughter, even though I suspect early on something was not right about how calm and casual they were about him being a murderer, especially the daughter. She reminded me a lot of Lea Michele. (GREY'S ANATOMY-ESQUE LONG-LOST HALF SISTER STORYLINE??) Seeing their bodies in the backyard grave broke my heart.

Finale: I don't know if I'm grateful it didn't end on a cliffhanger, or disappointed by how way-too-easy that rescue of her niece was. At least it moved at a good clip. I also liked that super-cute moment between Reid & JJ: "Am I going to have another godson?" Disappointed to have it confirmed that JLH is leaving, though. I understand it from the actress's point of view, but I was JUST thinking that with this episode, Callahan finally clicked with the team and was finding her place as a believable charater with the rest of them.

I also finished The Odd Couple and was pleased as punch to see Lauren Graham appear as Oscar's ex-wife. Just keep recycling the same few women in Perry's characters' lives over and over; I love that.-

Survivor, penultimate episode: If Carolyn had been voted out, I honestly would have stopped watching the season then and there, with only one night to go. That is how bad this season is and how generally repulsive everyone else left is. In fact, I'm almost disappointed that Perfect Ponderosa is now sullied by Dan's presence. It wasn't even worth getting to see her power-play her secret idol, spoiling Dan's advantage, mowing him down strategy wise and getting rid of him in one fell, glorious swoop.

Also, I wanted to watch Tyler's Ponderosa video, but according to the internet, "This week's Ponderosa video for Survivor 2015 stars Shirin with brief appearances by Tyler Fredrickson, who actually happens to be the player voted off Survivor. ... Shirin tells us she wants to help Tyler grow as a person by telling him all the things he needs to change about himself to make her think better of him."

Update: I watched it anyway. Fortunately it becomes more Tyler-focused at the end, but actual quote from Shirin: "Last night I did tell him, I was like, 'Hey, there are things that you probably don't realize about yourself that I'd be happy to tell you about.' I put the ball in his court, and if he cares, if he wants to grow as a person or wants feedback, he'll come and ask me." WHY IS SHE ON THE ROSTER TO POTENTIALLY BE IN NEXT SEASON.I

I also watched Dan's video, because I'm a masochist, and it was pointless, but fun to see Hali cross her arms and be like, "nope," when he tried to hug her, and also HOLY CRAP THERE IS A CAT AT PONDEROSA!!  BEST PLACE EVER. I bet Jenn's only regret is not getting voted out sooner.
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