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I watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother on TV tonight, you know, the one that ends with Barney & Robin's wedding, and after spending the first half mentally punching my TV about all the asinine anvils about bad luck and bad signs and how Ted is Totally The Guy She Should Be With! that they pretended they were bringing up for the purpose of overcoming...I started crying when Barney made his real vow and cried through the end of the episode, with a brief pause only to giggle with glee at Trevor Hudson. Gosh, what a good finale. A good, good, legendary series finale for the ages.

Also, I finally figured out what that piano number I couldn't quite place at their wedding is. Sandcastles in the Sand! Of course! In fairness, I could never stand listening to that song before this song, when I finally decided it was interesting, so it was not in my mental wheelhouse before this month. But how great.

Haven't seen Survivor yet because I had to work, so Mom & are watching it sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, I finished NCIS.
Neverland: oh, whoops. Little Boy Luke is incontrovertibly evil (thanks to Morse Code messagse in the bassline of techno music), and Gibbs might be dead by his hand. Well, have fun with that over the summer, fandom. I did my fretting about this scenario in season 3. Peace out, I'll turn my caring sensors back on by September.
P.S. I loved Abby clutching Safari Sandy, the nanny cam giraffe and distant relative of Bert. Also, according to the internet, this finale totally IS season 3 all over again, right down to having Tony be in charge again when we come back in the fall.

In "shows I actually love" news, I watched the trailer for Under the Dome season 3 and my heart instantly exploded into a thousand monarch butterflies.

Marg Helgenberger sounds so creepily cult-leader-like. Julia in the room with all the human chrysalises looks awesome. There is at least one aerial shot of Barbie cradling her in his arms, which I'm going to assume is not a by-product of her death so I at least have one epic scene to look forward to, I totally saw Melanie again (woohoo!), and I'm really excited to find out if the dome is actually gone or if they're all having a collective hallucination, because whatever happens, they are obviously somewhere weird. Supposedly we also find out why the dome appeared in the first place. Just fun all over the place!
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