RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I almost feel caught up on my viewing pursuits

1. Whilst spending 2 hours on Tumblr browsing tags and setting up a Pitch Perfect queue, I got distracted by dollsome's Tumblr, landed on this post with images from Reign 2.04 and 2.22, and immediately turned off all my spoiler sensors to lock in, read the text and gaze at it because WHAT A GOOD OTP (OF PAIN) INDEED. Two straight years of being bored by Francis's face, replaced with squee.

2. Season 8 of The Office is rerunning on TV right now, and so I found myself with the fierce need to check out the DVD and watch the entire Florida arc. Twice in the past two weeks. I might need to watch parts of it again. (TEST THE STORE!) It's a little frightening how much I love it. And how much I am enjoying season 8, when I just said it was my least favorite season.

Robert California's still awful, but I find he doesn't totally dominate and ruin episodes like I thought he would, at least most of the time. I'm also not hating Erin/Andy in the UST stage (the one where he breaks up with his girlfriend is still awful though). Cathy's ridiculousness just gets more and more delightful. The state of Kelly/Ryan is fabulous, plus there's Dr. Ravi. Also, "Garden Party" was super enjoyable as was Mrs. Californai (person and episode title).

By contrast, the second rerun is playing season 5, where Charles Miner just showed up and where I cannot continue until it gets to the finale. I suffered through most of his first episode but I just could not handle the amount of growing rage I felt about the end of that year. I think season 5 might be the actual worst as a whole, despite its Engaged Jim/Pam highlights.

3. When I ran out of Office episodes to watch but was still in need of low-impact TV, I spent 25 minutes screeching into the internet void in frustration and then finally landed on a show: 2012-13's Canadian and unsuccessful 1-season successor to my summer 2011 obsession. Otherwise known as Primeval: New World.

Oh gosh, it is just what I was looking for. I'm four episodes in and have not made any emotional attachments yet except for MY BELOVED DAISY WICK as Toby, the central command tech center person a.k.a. Canadian Jess, and a little bit to the woman in charge of keeping the company solvent despite it being in the hands of a sad little man who tries to destroy it at every turn.

Also, the CGI is fabulous -- in the first episode at least, I was hella impressed with their pteradon -- and despite a propensity for using the S-word in every episode that I can't get used to, and being a sight bloodier than the original show and even less afraid to kill guest stars of the week after making you get to know them, it's all the of the original Primeval: big, man-eating monsters loose in modern-day civilization that they insist upon trying to take down with tranq guns.
Tags: primeval, primeval: new world, reign, the office

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