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Well, now I'm REALLY eager to see the new Jurassic Park movie.

Proving to myself once again that I am totally able to finish 13-episode seasons in 3 days if I am so inclined and not worried about having no future thoughts to look back on, I finished Primeval: New World. I forgot that cliffhangers are Primeval's very favorite thing in the world, despite the show's natural failure to be a ratings hit, and thus making the choice to bank on a cliffhanger for a renewal a poor one.

So I am a little put out by that, but less because I'm like OMGWTFBBQ and more just that I really want at least 20 more episodes of random dinosaur chases. Maybe I should rewatch the third season of the original show to teach myself a lesson. (well, that won't work, because I already watched a season 5 episode the other day and I was all l;aksjdfal;sjdaklsjdfklasjd Jess/Becker/Abby/Emily/Matt!, in both shippy and non-shippy ways)

  • The theme song is pretty great. It's like Celtic music produced on a synthesizer

  • Did not expect Sam going down by Savage Dog Dino in episode 5. This show is really, REALLY not afraid to show blood and/or take shocking twists. I've never seen a show where I'm less confident that the Main Characters Can't Die principle does not apply. (this made the finale much more exciting)

  • I still can't get over how good the dinosaurs look. My one qualm about going back to the UK version is that they just do not look this good.

  • I enjoyed how often they replayed Brooke's death. I should feel bad about saying that, but come on, it's a GIGANTIC T-REX COUSIN and pretty much the most shocking way to go. It takes a few views to really wrap your head around the horror of seeing your spouse eaten right in front of you.

  • Sad to see Ange walk out in a cloud of Can't Compete With Dead Wife angst, after I had JUST gotten delighted that they were going with the unexpected old-friends ship instead of the New Hot Chick = Instant Chemistry With Generic Hot Guy trope. At least I got a couple of cute kisses before it went down in flames. And at least she didn't get eaten by a raptor.

Equally sad to see her come back in Stone Cold Businesswoman Mode, though, claiming she's just trying to keep everyone safe but making it really, really hard to sympathize with her blind insistence that they can Totally Control The Military From Inside If They Just Agree To Officially Let Them Be In Charge! [surejan.gif.]

What you should be taking away from this is that I'm doing a lot of Evan/Ange shipping in my brain. His stupid face finally got endearing when he was hallucinating her as his wife, and so I just want to table the whole "anomalies exist/TECHNICALLY HE COULD GET HER BACK" aspect and live in a world where he tries to move on. I am willing to sacrifice my integrity and point to Ted/Mrs. Mosby as an example of having more than one soulmate. It would take time -- more time, I guess -- but I think it could be beautiful.

  • Dylan, who very much reminds me of an older version of the girls on Revolution and Terra Nova, also finally got endearing to me with her immense compassion for animals and her fury at people who, intentionally or unintentionally, cause them pain. The dinosaur morgue was super sad both for its content and for her face.

  • Mac remained a dumb kid brother/frat boy and I was delighted to assume his eventual demise in the jaws of an Albertosaurus

  • I appreciated that the first 7 episodes or so were pure dino-chasing fun, and then the secrets and twisty plot twists sprang into being while the unassuming Leeds got ever more squirrelly. For instance, did not expect the Dead Alternate Timeline Mac in a Freezer. I was intrigued by that end of the first episode, but then I completely forgot about it until it took over as the central storyline.

  • Also I am embarrassed by how long it took me to recognize the ARC symbol on his coat. My excuse is I was watching it on a 19-inch monitor from across the room.

  • Speaking of: not a fan of The Worst Part Of Primeval butting his dumb face in, even though I loved the idea of crossover, but I felt a small and grudging amount of happiness when he said "I've got a wife too." Aw, canon confirmation.

All in all: a really enjoyable ride, and a joy to get to use this icon in its original context again.
Tags: primeval, primeval: new world, tv commentary

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