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We Got the World

I saw Pitch Perfect 2 again today. Paying twice to see one movie is a pretty rare occurrence for me, but it was more than worth it for the sheer amount of joy and amazing musical performances. Honestly, it was so good I even got over my rage about the insufficient amount of Jesse (partly because I have the first movie checked out of the library as an antidote, and partly because I'm making a plan to find and watch everything Skylar Astin is in ASAP*). I also remembered that I actually liked Bumper in the first movie, and had time to realize that Amy is actually a lot more toned down/mature than in the first movie, and about 40% less awful as a result.

...what channel is it on?

In fact, it was so good that as soon as it was over, I wanted to watch it again. Quite literally. There was another showing 45 minutes after mine started, and if it hadn't been the last one by the exit and/or my brain had registered the time before I was back in the lobby, I would have darted in and watched the second half all over again. It's officially one of my Movie Fandoms now. I set up another Tumblr queue and now I'm pretty sure I'm about to go be dis-aca-ppointed as I rip the internet apart in search of het fic.

*5 minutes later*
There is a website on the first page of hits called, and I'm not going to examine it very closely because that sounds too weird even for me. RS OUT.

*5 more minutes later*
The AO3 has some potential though. Let's see.
1. "We Got the World: Beca/Jesse, post-Lincoln Memorial Center flop. A series of Jeca moments from Pitch Perfect 2." I like this so far. ...but do I want to cross the border of the sexless G-rated relationship they've had so far into an M-rated fic, even if it's otherwise a rare unicorn of good writing? I do not. It's weird even considering it.

2. Ugh, that was the first hit and everything below it -- mind you, I am specifically on the "Beca Mitchell/Jesse Swanson" tag -- is messily mixing Chloe into everything on a non-platonic level. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I GAVE UP ON IT BEING A FANDOM THE FIRST TIME AROUND.

3. Okay, this isn't exactly what I requested, but it's G-rated and something about Emily getting advice from Beca NOPE. Just saw a pair of unwelcome slash tags on that puppy. Get out.


5. Hmm..."Chloe has a thing for Beca and maybe it's more than a thing, maybe she's in love with her. No one intentionally fails Russian Lit three times just so they can sing in an a capella group, not even Chloe Beale. Takes place over the course of Chloe's extra years at Barden where she learns among other things that unrequited love sucks." Okay, tagged "unrequited" and with no slash tags, I can work with this. Waiting in Vain. Lots of kudos, too, that's a good sign.

Upon giving it a quick skim, I am delighted to announce my first champion!

6. No, I'm not desperate enough for AUs yet.

7. ugh, I'm not even 30 deep into the results list and I've already run out of sequel-canon-compliant stories. Fine. I'll deal with older stuff tomorrow. I've scratched up one additional possibility, but again, it's trying to take me across the Possible Adult Content line so I'm afraid to even open it.

8. I cannot believe the best fic so far is this AU gifset of a missing scene (movie spoilers included).
[edit: I didn't even realize that post includes a link to the actual video clip of him singing that song. AMAZING. An interactive gifset! And its source material is apparently Ground Floor, in case I needed another incentive to watch.]

9. Also, I opened the story above ("Just A Couple of Weirdos"). I'm just going to roll around with delight on this first page of G-rated vignettes.

10. And then I opened the notes, which led me to the above Tumblr, which led me to AN ENTIRE TAG FULL OF JESSE/BECA FIC RECS so I'm going to tuck that in my pocket for tomorrow and go to bed for real now. There are seventeen (!) links in this post alone, compiled by someone who knows my pain. Tumblr, for all the bad you've brought into this world, sometimes I owe you everything.
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