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Downside: I spent a ridiculous amount of time being mired in work tonight because there was too much to do in the morning so I had to get some done ahead of time, but I still can't work with any type of efficiency between 2pm and 3am.

Upside: I have been playing the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (original version) nonstop for about 4 hours now. It soothes my brain to have a CD on which I actually enjoy every track.

I didn't love them all the first time around, but one by one they have all come home. Even last-minute straggler referenced in my Current Music, which I am now sitting here wondering how I could ever have not thought was AMAZING, because first of all Jesse, and second of all, Donald's mad ability to spit rhymes just justified his entire existence. I have rewound that part a ridiculous amount of time.

Also, Right Round. For a time it was actually worse to me to hear a group of classy gentlemen cover it than it was to just listen to the trash original (also in my music library), but now it has somehow hypnotized me into hearing it as this charming and harmless song that just happens to have lyrics like "touchin' these models, watchin' they asses go down, down." They walk out that house with their swagger, okay! Their innocent-faced, affable swagger.

Both of these songs, due to the Treblemakers notable absence in the second film, are making me miss the Warblers something fierce, but I cannot let my heart go back to that world. Those are not the personalities I am looking for.

Speaking of, one thing Glee did a lot that Pitch Perfect does not is have its characters convey meaning to one another through lyrics/song choice. Which makes it extra-significant when I do hear it happen. Specifically, in the last song, when we have Beca's "hey, hey, hey, hey," a literal "pay attention, I'm about to transition into the important part," followed by the beautifully trilled "Won't you come see about me?" and that's the part I watched 892375 times on YouTube this week because I clearly did not appreciate it enough the first time around. Jesse's face does a whole lot of amazing things in that 52 seconds. (I am especially delighted by the itty-bitty nod she could not possibly see from stage in response to "will you call my name?")

(And, to a lesser extent, I really enjoy his broad grin upon pointing to her on "Feels Like the First Time.")

Pitch Perfect is officially going to be 2015's #1 Fandom. I don't even know how I am getting this much mileage out of less than 4 hours' worth of footage, but my brain hasn't been this excited in months.
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